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New Body Part Discovered

Belgium surgeons confirm the existence of the knee's anterolateral ligament

(Newser) - Two Belgian surgeons have discovered a new body part—though there's potentially a 3% chance you don't actually have it. In a paper published in the Journal of Anatomy , they confirm the existence of the knee's anterolateral ligament. They were far from the first to speculate on... More »

Inspire Us, Tiger

(Newser) - Ignore the nonstop gloom and doom of economic news to consider a wonderful thing: Tiger Woods is playing golf again. Woods has been rehabbing his left knee since just after his gutsy 2008 US Open win settled forever the question of whether a golfer could be called an “athlete,... More »

Major Knee Injuries Soar for Child Athletes

Increasingly arduous world of kid sports taking toll

(Newser) - The number of serious knee injuries that doctors once saw only in adults is skyrocketing among children as kid sports become increasingly demanding, reports the New York Times. Injuries such as a torn ACL—the major ligament that stabilizes the knee—require surgery that poses particular risks to children who... More »

3 Stories