Ashley Judd

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Coming Soon: Dr. Ashley Judd?

Actress pursuing PhD at UC Berkeley

(Newser) - Ashley Judd might soon be a doctor—and no, she won't be playing one on screen. The actress, 48, says she'll attend the University of California Berkeley this fall as one of a few candidates accepted into a PhD program in public policy, reports New York . Judd—who... More »

Ashley Judd: Why I'm Going After Abusive Trolls

In essay, actress writes of recovery from rape and incest

(Newser) - As a huge Kentucky fan, Ashley Judd would love to be spending all her time talking basketball these days. Instead, she's researching what legal action she can take against the Twitter trolls who heaped "humiliating and violent" abuse on her when she dared to tweet a negative opinion... More »

Ashley Judd Pressing Charges Over Abusive Tweets

Actress got deluged while rooting for Kentucky

(Newser) - Ashley Judd isn't just complaining about a slew of vulgar tweets she received, she's pressing charges. The actress was watching her beloved Kentucky Wildcats take on Arkansas Sunday when she sent out a tweet accusing Arkansas of playing dirty, reports the Chicago Tribune . Cue the avalanche of abusive... More »

16 Celeb Couples Who Split Up This Year

2013 was unlucky for these stars

(Newser) - This year wasn't great for these 16 celebrity couples, all of whom split up. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or see the full lists at ETOnline , PopSugar , and the Huffington Post . More »

Ashley Judd: Wynonna Is Spying on Me

Alleges in court documents that sister put tracking device on her car

(Newser) - Legal documents filed by Ashley Judd reveal that the actress believes her sister Wynonna is spying on her, E! reports. Ashley says a mechanic found a GPS tracking device on her Mini Cooper, which was then traced back to a private investigator allegedly "working for Wynonna Judd," according... More »

Super PAC Behind McConnell Recording

A top state Democrat says members of Project Kentucky are responsible

(Newser) - So just who recorded a Mitch McConnell strategy session in which he and his aides came up with all kinds of imaginative ways to go after Ashley Judd ? Two members of a liberal Super PAC called Project Kentucky, reports public radio station WFPL . And this was no James Bond-style... More »

McConnell Aides Mock 'Unbalanced' Ashley Judd

Senator's team 'working with FBI' to probe recording

(Newser) - After making waves with Mitt Romney's "47%" speech , Mother Jones has released a new batch of secret tapes. The recordings reveal Mitch McConnell's team ridiculing former potential opponent Ashley Judd and suggesting her mental health could be a target. The McConnell team is not amused: It says... More »

Ashley Judd vs. Rand Paul in 2016?

Margaret Carlson: Democrats won't get rid her of twice

(Newser) - Democrats made a mistake in pressuring Ashley Judd to bow out of a Senate race against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, writes Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg . The actress "has looks, intelligence, talent, common sense, and grit," not to mention a degree from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. McConnell,... More »

Democrats Tricked Media in Quest to Stop Judd

Jonathan Miller goes behind the scenes of Kentucky Senate race

(Newser) - By the end of February, plenty of signs pointed to an Ashley Judd run for Senate in her native Kentucky, but it wasn't to be . So what happened? According to former Kentucky state treasurer/Judd adviser Jonathan Miller, a small number of "anti-Ashley" Kentucky Democrats helped edge her out... More »

Ashley Judd: I'm Not Running for Senate

Actress tweets that she won't take on Mitch McConnell after all

(Newser) - Karl Rove won't have Ashley Judd to kick around anymore. The actress tweeted today that she will not run for Senate in Kentucky this fall. Judd thanked all those who had encouraged her in recent months, but "after serious and thorough contemplation, I realize that my responsibilities &... More »

Top Dems Turn on Ashley Judd

Clintons and others woo another candidate for Kentucky Senate race

(Newser) - Ashley Judd can do drama, comedy, and action, but top Democrats are increasingly skeptical that she has the chops to play the junior senator from Kentucky. While Judd looks toward a run for Mitch McConnell's seat next year, party power brokers—including Bill Clinton—are trying to convince Kentucky... More »

Kentucky Dems Are Trying to Punk Ashley Judd Into a Run

She actually doesn't stand a chance in Kentucky: Jonathan Chait

(Newser) - The idea of Ashley Judd actually winning a Senate race against Mitch McConnell is, of course, delightful to Democrats—but it'll never happen, writes Jonathan Chait in a Daily Intelligencer piece titled, "Don’t Run for Senate, Ashley Judd! It’s a Trap!" Kentucky is incredibly conservative,... More »

Ashley Judd Moves Closer to Senate Run

Starts meeting with donors, strategists, politicians

(Newser) - Ashley Judd has been meeting with Democratic donors, strategists, and politicians, as well as the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, as she moves closer to a Senate run in Kentucky, The Hill reports. At one meeting, a source says Judd promised a decision by May 6—the day the Kentucky Derby... More »

GOP Super PAC Skewers Ashley Judd

Karl Rove group takes early shot as she ponders Senate run in Kentucky

(Newser) - Karl Rove has welcomed Ashley Judd into the world of high-stakes politics with an ad that concludes the actress is "an Obama-following radical, Hollywood liberal who is right at home here in Tennessee. I mean, Kentucky." Judd is considering a Senate run against Mitch McConnell in her native... More »

Ashley Judd Getting Divorced

Actress married Dario Franchitti in 2001

(Newser) - After more than a decade of marriage, Ashley Judd and racecar driver husband Dario Franchitti are calling it quits. "We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We'll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always... More »

Ashley Judd May Challenge Mitch McConnell in 2014

She's considering a Senate run in Kentucky

(Newser) - The rumors are true: Ashley Judd is considering running for Senate in 2014, four sources tell Politico . But the political fledgling would be up against none other than Kentucky's own Mitch McConnell, so she's also considering waiting until 2016 to take on Rand Paul instead. The actress and... More »

Joe Biden Filmed Secret Parks and Recreation Scene

Plus: Ashley Judd for Senate?

(Newser) - Joe Biden is probably relieved that President Obama won re-election Tuesday—because it means the VP won't have to be embarrassed when his guest stint on Parks and Recreation airs one week from today. Biden filmed the guest appearance back in July, but it was kept strictly under wraps... More »

Ashley Judd Takes on Puffy-Face Haters

Who, she notes, are mostly and sadly, women

(Newser) - Ashley Judd made a TV appearance last month looking larger than normal and with a puffier face, and the ensuing criticism of her appearance led her to write a scathing but eloquent response in the Daily Beast . Judd was on steroids due to an illness (leading some to assume her... More »

Naomi Judd: I Was Sexually Abused, Too

In fact, it's her 'first memory,' she says

(Newser) - Ashley Judd recently revealed in her memoir that she was sexually abused as a child—and now mother Naomi says the same thing happened to her, Radar reports. Yesterday on The View, Naomi says that she first revealed the abuse to her therapist two years ago, when he asked about... More »

Judds 'Angry, Hurt' at Ashley's Memoir 'Betrayal'

'How she could betray her own flesh and blood?' says insider

(Newser) - Ashley Judd's family is not happy about her recently released memoir , which discloses details of a dysfunctional upbringing. "Naomi and Wynonna have had a strained relationship with Ashley for years," an insider tells Popeater . "This is the final nail in the coffin—they are very angry and... More »

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