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IMF Plans Huge Credit Line for Poor Nations

Wave of defaults in developing world could imperil global economy

(Newser) - While the financial crisis is leading the West into recession, other parts of the world from Hungary to Argentina face an even worse fate: default, market panic, and possibly social upheaval. Now the IMF is working to build a giant line of credit, funded by rich nations, to provide... More »

Crisis Separates the Champs From the Boobs

Brown and Sarkozy shine while Bush stalls, says columnist

(Newser) - The financial crisis hasn't just transformed the business world, writes Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman; it's transformed world politics as well. Who are the winners and losers of the market upheaval?
  • Gordon Brown seems more and more the "improbable savior" of the financial system. The British bailout has been
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Hedge Funds in Hot Seat After Market Plunge

Plunging stock prices, redemptions coincide to deal industry a one-two punch

(Newser) - At a time when markets need their money more than ever, the $2-trillion hedge fund industry could fall victim to bad timing, as yesterday's plunge coincides with today’s deadline for many investors to withdraw before year’s end, the Wall Street Journal reports. Funds may be forced to sell... More »

Hedge Funds Poised to Profit as Banks Shun Risk

Private equity eyes trading territory ceded by changes at Goldman, Morgan Stanley

(Newser) - With the last two large US investment banks going commercial in an effort to stay afloat, private-equity and hedge funds are stepping into the void, the Wall Street Journal reports. Taking on roles previously filled by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, hedge funds like Citadel and private-equity... More »

Little Guy 'Cries a Lot' as Market Hurts All Over

Investors seek options, others dip into savings for house payments

(Newser) - Wall Street’s crisis has prompted a variety of reactions in everyday lives as Americans rush to decide where to put their faith and their dollars—and try to avoid the pain, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some are pulling their money out of the markets as conditions worsen, while... More »

Treasury Taps $50B to Insure Money Market Funds

As investor confidence dims, a backing from the government

(Newser) - The US Treasury moved today to temporarily insure investors against losses on money-market funds, Bloomberg reports. As much as $50 billion from the government’s Exchange Stabilization Fund will be used to back for a year funds that pay to participate in the program. Money-market funds, in which investors normally... More »

As Speculation Swirls, Panic Stalks Freddie, Fannie

As mortgage giants face increased losses, investors uncertain of their futures

(Newser) - What started as a whisper Monday is a roar at week’s end as investors wrestle with the fate of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Wall Street Journal reports. While neither firm, which together own or back roughly half  the nation’s mortgages, faces imminent collapse, awareness... More »

Business Woes? Call a Corporate Psychic

Execs search farther afield for help

(Newser) - More businesses are seeking a new breed of consultant to give them guidance in tough economic times, Newsweek reports: psychics. Blue chip operations across the nation, from tech concerns to corporate law firms, are coughing up big bucks to hire “intuitionists,” with executives hoping their otherworldly expertise will... More »

How Bad Is Northern Rock?

Pundits examine the fallout of unavoidable nationalization

(Newser) - The subprime crisis has forced the British government to do what it dreaded: nationalize a bank. What's the fallout from the Northern Rock takeover?
  • Gordon Brown "put quite a good face" on an unpalatable decision, says Philip Stephens of the Financial Times. Nationalization hasn't hurt him much, but the
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