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John Lewis-Trump Feud Gets Ugly in Georgia

County commissioner calls congressman a 'racist pig'

(Newser) - Donald Trump's feud with civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis of Georgia was making political headlines on Martin Luther King Day. (The background on the feud is here .) Coverage:
  • The New York Times explores how it further frays Trump's ties with an African-American community already wary of
... More »

Trump Slams Civil Rights Icon

Lawmakers are swinging right back

(Newser) - Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights legend, has been speaking out against Donald Trump, saying he won't attend the inauguration and telling NBC's Meet the Press that he doesn't "see this president-elect as a legitimate president." On Saturday morning, Trump hit back at the Georgia... More »

Democrats' Dramatic Sit-In Now in Second Day

But Ryan officially adjourns House until July 5

(Newser) - Democrats are calling their sit-in protest on the House floor a success, even though it hasn't led to the votes on gun-control legislation they demanded. About two dozen lawmakers were still taking part Thursday morning, even after House Speaker Paul Ryan adjourned the chamber about 3am until after the... More »

House Dems Stage Sit-In Over Gun Control

Accuse GOP of turning off C-SPAN cameras, demand House not go to recess until vote

(Newser) - Less than a week after Sen. Chris Murphy's filibuster for gun control on the Senate floor (and two days after the Senate voted down a series of gun control measures), another power move, this time by House Democrats: a sit-in protest Wednesday, per the AP . With Georgia Rep. John... More »

8 Democratic Reps Arrested at DC Immigration Protest

Lawmakers busted as thousands gather on National Mall to urge reform

(Newser) - After lawmakers supported veterans in flooding DC's WWII memorial last week, the civil disobedience by congress members continued yesterday, with eight Democrats getting arrested at the National Mall during an immigration reform rally. The demonstration was intended to push Congress to pass immigration reform legislation, but also succeeded in... More »

Corker on Syria: 'We Will Respond'

Top-ranking congressmen call for action, as others want to verify, limit scope

(Newser) - The alleged chemical attack in Syria continues to reverberate today, with members of Congress hitting the Sunday talk show rodeo to call for action—or restraint, reports Politico . Leading the charge for action was Bob Corker , the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who said he believes chemical... More »

Most Conservative, Liberal Members of Last Congress

Todd Akin was No. 1 on the right

(Newser) - Todd Akin may have cost himself a Senate seat with his views on "legitimate rape" last fall, but he gets a consolation prize: the title of most conservative member of the last Congress, as bestowed by the National Journal . Akin had a nearly perfect score of 97 when it... More »

Buffett, Bush, Merkel Among Medal of Freedom Honorees

President Obama will give medals to 15 more recipients

(Newser) - President Obama will give the Medal of Freedom to 15 more honorees early next year, including George HW Bush and Warren Buffett. The list of recipients, released today, runs the gamut from sports greats (baseball legend Stan Musial and basketball great Bill Russell) to civil rights pioneers (Sylvia Mendez, who... More »

Tea Partiers Hurl Slurs at Black, Gay Reps

'People have been just downright mean,' says one rep

(Newser) - Congressional Black Caucus members John Lewis and Andre Carson ran smack into a large crowd of protesters screaming "kill the bill"—and punctuating their chants with the N-word. The sentiment didn't appear to be a rogue one: As Barney Frank waded through a crowd of protesters, he was... More »

Feds Put 'Gun to Head' of BofA's Lewis on Merger

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson may have leaned on Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis too heavily last year when he tried to back out of a deal to acquire Merrill Lynch, say congressional investigators. In fact, a GOP briefing document says the two Bush officals "put a gun... More »

5 House Dems Arrested at Darfur Protest

(Newser) - Five House Democrats were arrested today at a protest outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington, the AFP reports. The five are being detained, along with three protest organizers, for refusing a police order to disperse. The protesters were calling for the Sudan to allow humanitarian groups to return to Darfur. More »

13 Bailed-Out Banks Owe Back Taxes

Lawmaker uncovers total of at least $220M in unpaid bills

(Newser) - At least 13 of the firms that got billions of dollars from the federal government owe back taxes, and their tab exceeds $220 million, Rep. John Lewis said today. What's more, that could be just the tip of the iceberg, the AP reports. The House Ways and Means subcommittee, which... More »

Furor Ignites After Ga. Rep. Blasts McCain

Civil rights icon Lewis backs off Wallace comparison, but not far

(Newser) - A day after igniting tensions in both campaigns, civil rights icon John Lewis sought to soften remarks that seemed to compare John McCain to segregationist George Wallace, Politico reports. “It was not my intention or desire to do so,” Lewis said last night. “My statement was a... More »

Clinton's Black Superdelegates Under Pressure

Congressman calls on Obama to refute 'ugly' racial smears

(Newser) - The heat on Hillary Clinton’s black superdelegates is rising, and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver has called on Barack Obama to speak out against “ugly" pressure from his supporters. The Missouri congressman said Clinton’s African-American backers are being "bludgeoned verbally" and told, “You’re not black if... More »

Lewis Switches His Support to Obama

Georgia lawmaker and superdelegate initially backed Clinton

(Newser) - After a month of shifting signals, influential congressman John Lewis said today he’s switching his support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Lewis says he’s unwilling to go against the voters in his Atlanta district—and that Obama “has tapped into something that... More »

Foes 'Question Our Blackness,' Clintonites Say

Unanticipated Obama surge puts heat on high-profile supporters

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s African-American supporters may once have thought they were making the safe choice, but now that the black community is rallying behind Barack Obama, her boosters' instincts and loyalty are being questioned, the Washington Post reports. The heat is so high that 25 senior boosters had a conference... More »

Clinton's Black Allies Defecting

John Lewis may switch vote; another House member already has

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is starting to lose the support of prominent black leaders—and superdelegates— who previously backed her. Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat who carries great influence in Congress, says he's now tilting toward Barack Obama. Another Georgia Democrat, David Scott, already switched, the AP reports. “Something is... More »

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