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Toner Cartridge SCOTUS Case Is 'Potentially Momentous'

Supreme Court decision will affect much more than just printer toner refills

(Newser) - It might be the sleeper case of the current Supreme Court session: A fight over the seemingly humdrum topic of toner cartridges for printers actually has "potentially momentous importance for modern commerce," per the respected SCOTUSblog . On its surface, the case of Impression Products v. Lexmark International is... More »

Hewlett-Packard Splits in 2

PC and printer side will separate from tech services

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard is splitting itself into two companies: one focused on its personal computer and printing business and another on technology services, such as data storage, servers, and software, as it aims to drive stronger profitability. The company says the PC and printer business will use the name HP Inc.; Re/code... More »

Need Cheap Drugs? One Man Says You Can Print Them

Lee Cronin wants to revolutionize the drug market with new device

(Newser) - If you're tired of paying out the nose for prescriptions, Lee Cronin of Glasgow University may have a solution: a 3-D printer that makes whatever medicine you need, the Daily Mail reports. His $1,800 prototype is humming along these days, injecting molecules into micro-tubes and causing "chemical... More »

Millions of Printers in Danger of Being Hacked

Researchers call it a major vulnerability: MSNBC

(Newser) - Even if your computer is as secure as you can make it, you may still be offering hackers entry to your network—through your printer. Columbia University researchers warn that millions of printers belonging to consumers, businesses, and government agencies could be vulnerable to attack. Among other dangers, hackers may... More »

Digital Fabricator Cooks and Prints Out Food

(Newser) - Graduate students at MIT have created a digital fabricator dubbed the Cornucopia, which cooks and prints out food from ingredients chosen by a user. It begins with an array of food canisters filled with the “cook’s” foods of choice. A meal selection is made using the device’s... More »

RIP, Mix Tapes, Porn Age Limits, Typewriters, and More

(Newser) - Word processors, dot-matrix printers, rotary phones, and other formerly state-of-the-art technologies are just about gone and nearly forgotten. Carrying the torch for the likes of holding up a cigarette lighter at a concert is JR Raphael of PC World, who lists 40 leading lights of abandoned technology:
  • Looking up numbers
... More »

What Embargo? HP Printers Find Their Way to Iran

Company skirts US law with help from overseas distributor

(Newser) - HP printers have become top-sellers in Tehran, despite a 13-year embargo against US companies doing business with Iran, the Boston Globe reports. An Indian-owned distributor sells HP products in Iran, enabling it to skirt American law. But questions remain: If HP execs cut the deal with Redington Gulf knowing their... More »

Green Font Cuts Ink Costs

'Ecofont' has holes in the letters to save ink

(Newser) - A new font designed to cut printing costs saves ink by not completely filling in the letters, the AP reports. The “Ecofont,” designed by Dutch firm Spranq, has small holes in the middle of the letters that cut ink usage by 15%. The font is free on Spranq’... More »

Printers Let Big Brother Connect Privacy Dots

Watchdogs worry about anti-counterfeit marks left by laser models

(Newser) - The growing popularity of laser printers has privacy watchdogs worried, USA Today reports. Many such printers have a feature, designed to foil currency counterfeiters, that puts a signature of microscopic dots on each page. In the US, only the Secret Service can decode the information, but there are concerns the... More »

H-P Posts Big Numbers Despite Slowing Market

PC and overseas sales boost earnings

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard thumbed its nose at concerns over falling tech spending today, posting a 38% rise in earnings and 15% revenue jump in its first quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports. The health of the tech giant, boosted by PC and overseas sales, is good news for an industry whose leaders,... More »

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