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Suicide-Plagued Foxconn to Swap People for Robots

In 3 years, it could use as many as 1M robots

(Newser) - Foxconn, the suicide-plagued maker of millions of Apple products in China, plans to use as many as one million robots on its assembly line within three years—compared to just 10,000 today, a Chinese report says. Increasing labor costs is a major driver behind the move, reports Reuters . "... More »

Poisoned Chinese Workers Appeal to Apple

137 injured making iPhone screens

(Newser) - Chinese workers poisoned while working for an Apple supplier say they've appealed to the company for help without success. The workers— seriously injured by a toxic chemical used in the manufacture of iPhone screens —complain that the contractor they work for, Wintek, has pressured them to resign and accept... More »

Made in Italy — in a Chinese Sweatshop

Italian luxury goods made by Chinese labor cost 90% less

(Newser) - For consumers of luxury goods, the "Made in Italy" designation remains so prestigious that it can add 300% to an item's price. But the days of artisans plying their trade in little workshops are largely over, the Los Angeles Times reports, replaced by thousands of Tuscan factories employing Chinese... More »

3 Stories