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Bloomberg Hires Clinton Flack

Wolfson to work on what's expected to be a tougher reelection bid than last time

(Newser) - Top Hillary Clinton campaign strategist Howard Wolfson is taking a job managing the media for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s re-reelection effort, reports the New York Times. Bloomberg can probably expect a tougher fight than last time, thanks to his successful attempt to extend his term limits and the... More »

Edwards Lie Cost Hillary the Nomination, Aide Says

...and hence the nomination

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s former communications director is convinced that had the media outed John Edwards last year, Clinton would be the Democratic nominee. “We would have won Iowa,” Howard Wolfson tells ABC. “Our voters and Edwards’ voters were the same people. They were older, pro-union.” Obama... More »

HRC to FNC: Howard Wolfson Joins Fox News

Hillary adviser will counter Rove with regular commentary

(Newser) - Howard Wolfson, a top strategist for HIllary Clinton's campaign and one of her most visible television surrogates, has found a new employer, and it's not Barack Obama. Wolfson will become a contributor to the Fox News Channel, appearing on multiple programs. His move to Fox echoes a general feeling among... More »

Clinton 'Misspoke' About Dodging Bosnia Sniper

Dem backtracks as Obama camp pounces

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton had to dodge sniper fire when she landed at the start of a goodwill tour of Bosnia in 1996—at least that’s what the senator said last week. But after an archive CBS news video showed the then-first lady smiling and waving without a single bullet whizzing... More »

Clinton Aide: Obama Is Like Ken Starr

And as they plot next move, Hillary's staffers fight each other

(Newser) - The Democratic campaign took a turn for the nasty today, with a top adviser to Hillary Clinton alleging Barack Obama is “imitating Ken Starr”—an apparent reference to Obama’s recent Whitewater-tinted shots at his rival. Exclaims Greg Sargent at Talking Points, “Talk about throwing down the... More »

Accusations Fly During Texas Two-Step Tussle

Obama lawyer hijacks Clinton camp's 'dirty tricks' conference call

(Newser) - The two-step voting process in Texas caused Democratic tempers to flare last night, the Washington Post reports. Both sides accused each other of trying to hijack the evening caucus which followed the day's primary vote. The Clinton campaign held a  conference call with reporters to level some dirty-tricks accusations at... More »

Wounded Hillary Marches On

As Clinton's campaign falters, morale dips and advisers are on edge

(Newser) - With Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on the ropes, morale is low and advisers are screaming at each other in back rooms, the New York Times reports. While the candidate appears resolute, she no longer expresses the supreme confidence she once did and has stopped prefacing sentences with "when... More »

Clinton Spending Vexes Donors

Supporters ask why consultants are paid so much for failing campaign

(Newser) - The $25,000 Hillary Clinton's sputtering campaign dropped at Vegas' posh Bellagio last month is raising eyebrows among those cutting her the checks, reports the New York Times. Add $5 million for the very strategists who engineered her string of recent failures, and donors looking over her latest campaign finance... More »

Clinton Camp: How Low Can She Go?

Some want victory at all costs; others look to legacy, 2012

(Newser) - With Hillary Clinton’s campaign down to its last moves, her advisers are duking it out over how negative the candidate should go, MSNBC reports. Pollster Mark Penn wants to go ahead full throttle, while communications director Howard Wolfson and ad guru Mandy Grunwald are concerned that Hillary might damage... More »

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