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No More Co-Pay for Birth Control: Obama

New preventive health rules require insurers to cover cost

(Newser) - Women can say goodbye to co-pays on birth control: Health insurance companies will soon have to cover the cost themselves, the Obama administration says. It’s part of expanded preventive care for women , including coverage of breast pumps, “well woman” physicals, and STD counseling, the AP reports. Insurance firms... More »

Health Law May End Co-Pay for Birth Control

May be one of several preventive-care benefits insurers must provide

(Newser) - Insurers may soon have to provide birth control co-pay-free. Under last year’s Affordable Care Act, contraception could be one of several preventive services insurance firms must provide at effectively no cost to patients—but the measure faces opposition from groups like the Family Research Council. Things may become clearer... More »

Squeezed Parents Dump Daycare

Kids often home alone, but cost 'ludicrous' if 'you can't afford rent'

(Newser) - As the tanking economy squeezes parents with skyrocketing unemployment and foreclosures, experts are noticing that it's the little children who suffer—in the form of fast-emptying daycare centers. As the Washington Post reports, strapped families desperate to cut costs are pulling their kids out of programs that can cost hundreds... More »

Insurers Quietly Hike Rx Costs

Plans slip in soaring co-pays for most expensive drugs

(Newser) - Pricey prescription drugs are getting pricier, and, the New York Times reports, insurance companies are asking patients to shoulder more of the burden. Insurers are quietly phasing out traditional drug plans, which charge a fixed co-pay of $20 or $30 to fill a prescription, in favor of so-called Tier 4... More »

Prices Jump for Top Drugs

Drug giants collect now against expected future losses

(Newser) - Drug companies have slapped a series of huge price hikes on some prescription drugs ahead of drug patent expirations, the Wall Street Journal reports. GlaxoSmithKline has raised the price of antidepressant Wellbutrin 44.5%, while Sanofi-Aventis hiked Ambien's price 70%. Wholesale prices for the top 50 drugs increased an average... More »

5 Stories