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Americans Like to Drink, and They're Lazy

40% do no exercise at all, says federal report

(Newser) - Plenty of Americans still like to drink, smoke, and hang out on the couch. Over half of the population—61%—drinks alcohol, 20% smoke, and 40% do no leisure-time exercise at all, says a new government survey. Only about 31% exercise enough to reap benefits. The survey found little improvement... More »

Women's Stroke Rates Triple

Alarming rise linked to wider waistlines

(Newser) - Strokes have tripled among middle-aged American women in an alarming development experts attribute to obesity. Despite the increased use of blood pressure and cholesterol medication, 2% of women aged 35 to 54 suffered a stroke between 1999 and 2004. That's a three-fold increase over earlier studies. More »

2 Stories