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Experts: Obama's 'Deadly Mistakes' Probably Legal

Weinstein's congressman slams 'sobering' drone failure

(Newser) - The accidental killing of two Western hostages in a drone strike was what President Obama calls a "deadly mistake"—and despite protests from the ACLU and others, it appears to have been a legal one, experts say. "I don't initially see legal problems," an assistant... More »

Jihadi Site Issues 40-Name, American-Heavy Hit List

Prominent US targets in industry, military, media named

(Newser) - A jihadi website closely linked to al-Qaeda has posted a hit list of 40 prominent people, mostly Americans. Those named include a congressman, a conservative pundit, Pentagon officials, and American businessmen whose company helps produce drones, reports ABC News . The site includes photographs and biographical information, and suggests followers send... More »

Al-Qaeda Yank Rips 'Snake Obama'

Gadahn skewers 'declining empire' of his homeland

(Newser) - America's homegrown al-Qaeda spokesman blasts "snakelike" Barack Obama in his latest video posted on Islamic web sites. Turbanned Adam Gadahn, born and and raised on the West Coast as Adam Pearlman, rips US "aggression and interference" in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, and accuses the nation of running... More »

American Arrested in Pakistan Not al-Qaeda Honcho

Officials now say they haven't detained Adam Gadahn

(Newser) - The American militant arrested in Pakistan yesterday is not Adam Gadahn, as previously reported by Pakistani intelligence officials. "Our initial impression was that the guy was Gadahn but that information now looks incorrect," an official told Reuters . Both the al-Qaeda spokesman and the detained American have been known... More »

Al-Qaeda: 'Condolences' to Our Innocent Victims

Group usually doesn't acknowledge those mistakenly killed

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda shows its kinder, gentler side in a new video offering condolences to innocent victims of its own attacks. In the 17-minute video, the man known as Azzam the American makes the unusual move of offering the group's "condolences" to "the unintended Muslim victims of the mujahedeen's operations... More »

American Al-Qaeda Returns

Zealous convert repeats old demands, threatens to top 9/11 and Va. Tech

(Newser) - Accused terrorist and viral Internet star Adam Gadahn resurfaced yesterday in a new video communique as "Azzam the American." Gadahn, 28, a California native who has become a major Al-Qaeda mouthpiece, appeared in widescreen format to promise that the group will continue its "defensive jihad" unless American... More »

6 Stories