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Clinton's Next Book: a Thriller Written With James Patterson

Yes, really

(Newser) - Bill Clinton's books: a 1,000-page autobiography , a couple of treatises on his political philosophy, books on the importance of giving and government , and ... a thriller? Yes, Clinton is collaborating with best-selling novelist James Patterson on The President Is Missing, due out June 2018, the AP reports. The book... More »

Beck Pulls an Oprah, Pushing Thriller Writers

'It's almost conservative porn,' Fox host says of one novel

(Newser) - Oprah's book club used to stand alone in its power to boost authors' sales and profiles. Then came Glenn Beck. The conservative Fox News pundit has endorsed dozens of novels and regularly hosts fiction writers on his show, a rare habit among talk show hosts. But unlike Oprah, Beck singles... More »

State of Play an Ink-Stained Thriller

(Newser) - Is it any wonder that State of Play, a taut suspense film about politics, murder, and above all newspapers, is a hit with critics? Here’s what they’re saying:  
  • Roger Ebert calls it a “smart, ingenious thriller” with twists and turns that “genuinely fooled me a
... More »

Traitor's Layered Thrills Impress

'Twisty' plot covers all sides of the story

(Newser) - Critics are impressed with terrorism thriller Traitor’s maze of a plot, superb acting, and moral ambiguity. The film squeezes “a vast and sometimes contradictory compendium of post-9/11 fears and anxieties into 110 swift minutes” while trying “to cover every side and cater to just about every possible... More »

Action Makes a Good Point

Political thriller doesn't have all the answers, but it sure has action

(Newser) - It may lack depth, but critics admit that Vantage Point packs a lot of excitement. The thriller, which begins by showing the same assassination from eight different perspectives, "fails the 'reality test' but maintains a certain intensity for its entire running length," writes James Berardinelli of ReelViews.com.... More »

5 Stories