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Computer Shopping? No Need to Go for Broke

Typical users don't have to break the bank: Mossberg

(Newser) - Economic conditions being what they are, you might not have a ton of dough to spend on a new computer. So in his annual PC buyer’s guide, Wall Street Journal tech expert Walter Mossberg adopts a budget-focused mindset. His advice:
  • The current Mac OS, Leopard, is much better than
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Intel Pushes 'Atom' Chips

Tiny microprocessors are intended for mobile Internet devices and low-end computers

(Newser) - Intel will push its tinest new chips behind the brand name Atom in an effort to create demand for two emerging types of computing devices. The Atom line includes chips already announced by the company, reports the Wall Street Journal. One, formerly known as Silverthorne, is aimed at cellphone-sized devices... More »

Intel Makes Smaller, Cheaper Chip

Processor targeted at very low-end computers

(Newser) - Intel is working on a tiny, inexpensive microprocessor aimed at very low-end computers. Code-named Diamondville, the chip is for computers priced under $250, especially portable ones that Intel calls Netbooks. Manufacturers are creating such machines for emerging markets, as well as for industrialized countries, where they’re often bought as... More »

3 Stories