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Texas Man in UK for 18 Years Gets Xenophobic Abuse on Tram

And Juan Jasso was also pro-Brexit

(Newser) - A 38-year-old American Army vet who supported Brexit has lived in England for nearly two decades—but three young men decided earlier this week to taunt him with racist, anti-immigration comments in a confrontation that's since gone viral, NBC News reports. Juan Jasso—who's been pegged "Super... More »

Arabs, Jews United Against Jerusalem Tram

Streetcar none desire creates common foe for city's eternally feuding people

(Newser) - Jerusalem's bitterly divided residents have finally found something they can agree on, the Wall Street Journal reports. From ultra-orthodox rabbis to the PLO, just about everybody has found cause to dislike the new tram system currently under construction. Even the city's secular mayor has questioned the wisdom of continuing the... More »

Desire Named Streetcar Grips Cities

40 cities considering resurrecting the humble streetcar

(Newser) - Most American cities dismantled their streetcar lines over 50 years ago but a major comeback is gathering speed, the New York Times reports. Cincinnati, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City and Charlotte have streetcar systems in the works to revive sagging downtown areas. A dozen cities already have streetcars and at... More »

Siemens Brings Trams to America

EU giant starts US plant, takes 200 rail orders from congested cities

(Newser) - Siemens is importing eco-friendly trams and light-rail transport to gas-guzzling America, Der Spiegel reports. The conglomerate has been making them in Sacramento for 2 years, and is seeing a brisk increase in demand from the almost 30 tram-loving US cities. The California plant has 200 orders already and expects more... More »

4 Stories