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After Train Tragedy, More Woes for Allman Biopic

Star William Hurt exits Gregg Allman biopic

(Newser) - Two months after a train struck and killed a crew member working on Midnight Rider, star William Hurt has pulled out of the movie. Hurt was to play Gregg Allman in the biopic of the rocker, and his departure casts doubt on the film's future, Deadline reports. But a... More »

Actors Save Soggy Yellow Handkerchief

William Hurt, Kristen Stewart make old story work

(Newser) - Critics misted up during The Yellow Handkerchief, the tale of an ex-con’s search for his estranged wife, taken from an Pete Hamill story. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • “Beautifully acted” and “gorgeously photographed,” The Yellow Hankerchief “tells a timeless fable, and tells it extremely
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Action Makes a Good Point

Political thriller doesn't have all the answers, but it sure has action

(Newser) - It may lack depth, but critics admit that Vantage Point packs a lot of excitement. The thriller, which begins by showing the same assassination from eight different perspectives, "fails the 'reality test' but maintains a certain intensity for its entire running length," writes James Berardinelli of ReelViews.com.... More »

3 Stories