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This Is When Vegetarians Should Eat Meat

In a crowd, to show others that flexibility is OK, suggests an op-ed

(Newser) - If vegetarians want to persuade carnivores to eat less meat, they might consider eating a little meat themselves. The seeming contradiction is offered up by Alberto Giubilini in an essay at Aeon . He begins by offering up a relatively common scenario: A vegetarian is at a dinner party, and the... More »

Man Tries to Smuggle Himself Inside His Own Suitcase

More impressive: He's 6 feet tall

(Newser) - Border guards in Switzerland received quite a shock Monday as they watched a full-grown man emerge from inside a normal suitcase. The AP reports the 21-year-old man from Eritrea was trying to smuggle himself into Switzerland aboard a train from Italy. Guards boarded the train to check passenger documents and... More »

20M Americans Do Yoga

29% increase from 2008

(Newser) - America must be getting really flexible. Some 20.4 million people practice yoga here, a study says, up from 15.8 million in 2008. That's a 29% increase, and it represents 8.7% of the adult population. What's more, some 44.4% of people who don't currently... More »

Working at Home Could Boost Layoff Risk, Some Fear

'Trend toward flexibility' makes about-face in rough economy

(Newser) - Workers who once had the flexibility to work from home are sticking to the office, worried that less “face time” could make them layoff targets, the Washington Post reports. To some women, the shift appears to be a step backward as pressure builds to “work as many hours... More »

Hillary Didn't Plan for Long Haul

Spending calls might reflect poorly on Clinton's management skills

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton invested heavily to try to lock up the Democratic presidential nomination on Super Tuesday—but that didn't happen, and her failure to plan for the long haul let Barack Obama rack up 10 straight wins since and left some doubting her management skills. Clinton's dwindling war chest also... More »

5 Stories