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Optimism Good for Your Heart

'It's an incentive to try to be optimistic,' physician says

(Newser) - Feeling gloomy about life, the universe, and everything? Then take note of a new study that links optimism to heart health and a handful of other health positives, EurekAlert reports. Analyzing data on more than 5,100 adults, researchers found that the most optimistic are twice as likely to be... More »

Nurses' New Health Risk: Rotating Night Shifts

Heart, lung mortality rates greater among women who work rotating shifts

(Newser) - Working the night shift has already been linked to higher risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Now researchers at Harvard—who've combed through 22 years of data tracking 75,000 nurses in the US—write in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that rotating night shifts for five or... More »

Smoking Pot Linked Once More to Heart Problems

New study builds the case against marijuana's cardiovascular risks

(Newser) - Where there's smoke, there's usually fire—and when it comes to marijuana smoke, scientists are once again fanning the embers of a long-suspected theory that the drug is linked to cardiovascular issues. According to a case study published last month in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, a 21-year-old... More »

Health Damage From Sitting Can Be Walked Back

Short breaks to walk can improve blood flow

(Newser) - Scientists have long warned that spending too much time sitting can put you in an early grave through heart disease , obesity , cancer , or other health problems—but a new study says at least some of the damage can be reversed by simply getting up and walking every so often. Researchers... More »

Running Just Minutes a Day Cuts Death Risk

Even if you're running slowly: study

(Newser) - Good news for those who keep meaning to exercise, but can never seem to find the time: If you can manage a few minutes of running a day—even going slowly—you may cut your risk of death from cardiovascular disease. So suggests a new, 15-year study of more than... More »

French Secret for Long Life: Stinky Cheese?

Researchers investigate 'French paradox' of longevity

(Newser) - It's packed with fat and salt—yet a moldy blue cheese could help you live longer, say researchers. Though the French enjoy a diet high in saturated fats, its women share the title of Europe's longest-living, with a life expectancy of 85.3 years. That prompted researchers to... More »

Just 3% of Americans Have 'Ideal' Heart Health

On the flip side, only 10% have 'poor' cardiovascular health

(Newser) - How's this for a gloomy stat? Only 3% of Americans have "ideal" heart health, according to a new report from the American Heart Association . Using data collected on 350,000 Americans in 2009, it gathered info on seven major heart-health factors it identified: blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, BMI,... More »

Pill Could Offer Seniors Years More to Live

But some experts call for more testing

(Newser) - A new one-a-day pill could offer 11 more years of life to 28% of people over 50, researchers say. The "polypill"—a combination of blood pressure-lowering and cholesterol-fighting drugs—could lower heart attack risk by 72% and stroke risk by 64%. On top of all that, it could... More »

Boosting 'Good' Cholesterol Doesn't Help, May Hurt

Test of drug niacin halted when results became clear

(Newser) - Raising your “good” HDL cholesterol might not be such a good idea. A federally funded study into the effectiveness of the HDL booster niacin has been abruptly cut off, after it became clear that the drug did nothing to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke—and in... More »

Avandia Woes Mount Ahead of FDA Hearing

Agency flags flawed study, may ban diabetes drug

(Newser) - As the FDA prepares to consider whether to ban Avandia, agency scientists have discovered another problem with the diabetes drug: flaws that disqualify a clinical study sponsored by its maker. The trial, organized by GlaxoSmithKline, sought to evaluate the relative heart risks of Avandia and two other diabetes drugs, but... More »

Chocolate Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

That's not an excuse to start gobbling candy, docs warn

(Newser) - Eating one serving of chocolate per week may help save you from a stroke, researchers say. Chocolate eaters are 22% less likely to suffer a stroke than abstainers, an analysis of three studies with a total of 44,489 subjects reveals. But even the study author cautions that the conclusion... More »

Aspirin Harmful for Healthy People: Study

(Newser) - Healthy people shouldn’t be taking aspirin, according to a new study. The drug doesn’t actually reduce the risk of heart attack, as many of the “worried well” have long believed, British scientists told a medical conference, but it does nearly double the risk they’ll be hospitalized... More »

Millions of Americans May Have 'Rare' Artery Disease

Vascular experts believe disease is being massively underdiagnosed

(Newser) - A disease so obscure many doctors don't know about it may actually affect up to one in twenty people, experts tell the Wall Street Journal. Fibromuscular dysplasia—FMD—affects the walls of arteries and can cause blockages. It is rarely diagnosed, or looked for, but vascular experts believe it could... More »

Heart Attack Deaths Plummet 30%

Drop hailed as modern medical miracle, but disease still daunting

(Newser) - In what is being hailed as a medical miracle, deaths from heart attack and stroke have dropped nearly a third between 1999 and 2006, according to the latest statistics from the American Heart Association. Yet despite gains from better preventive medicine and more effective hospital treatment, one person still dies... More »

That Stink May Help Your Blood Pressure

Hydrogen sulfide could be key to hypertension treatment

(Newser) - The gas we pass is unpleasant when it escapes, but it may also be key to lowering blood pressure, the BBC reports. It seems that hydrogen sulfide is produced by an enzyme in blood vessels, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found. Mice who lacked the enzyme experienced what would be... More »

Heart Disease, Diabetes Linked to Everyday BPA

Chemical common in plastic containers used by US adults, children

(Newser) - A chemical found in many containers commonly used by Americans is linked to heart disease and diabetes in a new study, the Chicago Tribune reports. The first large-scale human study of Bisphenol A follows a government advisory on using the chemical near food, and a report connecting it to ill... More »

Red Alert: Energy Drink Thickens Blood

Beverage may give you both wings and heart trouble

(Newser) - Drinking Red Bull could lead to heart problems, the London Times reports. In a small study—30 Australian college students took part—downing even one can of the hypercaffeinated energy drink increased the risk of blot clots. In short, the young Red Bull enthusiasts developed a condition that resembled cardiovascular... More »

Life Better, Not Longer, With Red Wine

Resveratrol slows aging, doesn't fend off death: study

(Newser) - A compound found in red wine significantly slows the aging process in lab mice, reports the Independent. In large doses, resveratrol counters damage to the heart caused by aging and boosts bone density, possibly combating osteoporosis, according to a new study. But it's too early to order 100 cases of... More »

Calif. Smog Kills 24K Each Year

Pollution deaths three times higher than earlier estimates

(Newser) - Air pollution is responsible for the deaths of 24,000 people in California annually—three times higher than previous estimates, according to new research. Rates of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious disease increase exponentially after even minimal exposure to particles of metal, dust, or other pollution from vehicles and... More »

Diabetes Drug Slows Artery Clogging

Choice of meds may be critical to diabetics' heart health

(Newser) - A drug used to lower blood sugar in diabetics significantly decreases the clogging of arteries, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Tests on diabetic patients found that Actos, a new-generation drug that lowers insulin resistance, aided arteries more than a drug that boosted insulin production. Heart disease kills 75% of diabetics... More »

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