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Star Wars' Secret Shame: The Holiday Special

1978 TV show included singing, dancing, and Wookiees

(Newser) - It sounded like a good idea at the time. In 1978, Star Wars was huge, but a sequel was 2 years away. So why not make a TV special? Why not a holiday special? Centered on Wookiees? "The only sound they make is like fat people having an orgasm,... More »

There Will Be Bad Banter

Shorter schedule leaves this year's patter less edited, scribe says

(Newser) - Oscar banter may provide the show's shakiest moments, but stars and scribes are known to battle over these lines behind the scenes, the Los Angeles Times reports. This year though is different: The show's strike-shortened schedule is sparing writers from the usual pre-show scrutinty. "The celebrities and their support... More »

2 Stories