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Pro-Independence Side Ahead in Scottish Poll

UK offers new deal if Scotland stays in union

(Newser) - Is the UK on the road to Splitsville? Scotland votes on independence on Sept. 18, and one poll has put the pro-independence "Yes" camp in the lead with 51% for the first time, the BBC reports. The "No" side was 22 points ahead less than a month ago,... More »

Seeing Red Over Russia, US May Cozy Up to China

Beijing may draw closer to DC: FT

(Newser) - Moscow may physically stand in between Beijing and Washington, but Russia’s aggressive behavior could bring the US and China closer together, Geoff Dyer argues in the Financial Times. The Kremlin’s interference in Georgia has Washington seething, and “a low-level confrontation in Georgia that pits Russia against the... More »

Support for Scot Independence Hits Record Low

Year after separatists take power, Scotland wants to remain in UK

(Newser) - It's been one year since a separatist government came to power in Scotland, vowing to break away from the United Kingdom. But a new poll shows while the Scottish still admire Alex Salmond, the region's first minister, support for independence is at an all-time low—with only 19% wanting to... More »

3 Stories