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Great Wall of China Is Disappearing

A report out of the country puts a number on just how much no longer exists

(Newser) - In a 2008 article headlined "The Great Wall of China Is Under Siege," Smithsonian reported that "no one knows just how much of the wall has already been lost." A Sunday report in the Beijing Times changed that. It reported via the State Administration of Cultural... More »

100K Tons of Smuggled Meat Found— Some From '70s

China bust turns up frozen beef, pork, chicken wings

(Newser) - Chinese customs officials made a gruesome discovery this month during a smuggling crackdown, and the words of one of the authorities offers a vivid description: "It was smelly, and I nearly threw up when I opened the door." Inside the container: part of the 100,000-plus tons of... More »

China's Snagging Our Defensive Edge: Pentagon

Which is why we need to step it up, Robert Work says

(Newser) - The Pentagon is digging deeper in its push for new air and space technologies as China threatens to unseat the US as king of the skies. Speaking with aerospace experts at the China Aerospace Studies Initiative, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work says the US' rival is "quickly closing the... More »

Man's Kitchen Knife Really an Ancient 'Dragon Sword'

Yi Shouxiang could have a pricey piece of metal on his hands

(Newser) - A farmer in China has been innocently chopping his vegetables with what could turn out to be an ancient and valuable sword. Yi Shouxiang of Chongqing says he found a rusty blade while working in his fields five years ago and decided to sharpen it. He soon noticed the Chinese... More »

Fed Hack Was 'Cyber Pearl Harbor,' and We're Yawning

Jonah Goldberg: Imagine if this were a physical theft by Chinese spies

(Newser) - The massive hack of millions of federal workers' data has resulted in the phrase "cyber Pearl Harbor" being thrown around, writes Jonah Goldberg in the Los Angeles Times . And yet, the government is downplaying the story and the American public doesn't seem all that phased by it, despite... More »

China: Disputed Fake Islands Done in 'Days'

Next come facilities for military, search and rescue

(Newser) - If the US hoped to pressure China to abandon its huge building project in the disputed South China Sea, it may already be too late. China's Foreign Ministry says some of its land reclamation on seven reefs in the Spratly Islands will be finished in "upcoming days,"... More »

Cops: Suicide Note Near Kids Who Drank Pesticide

Chinese investigators say 4 children had been abandoned by their parents

(Newser) - Four children who fatally drank pesticide last week in China were apparently abandoned by their parents, and investigators now report they found a suicide note near the body of the oldest child, per the Guardian . The youngsters, whose ages ranged from 5 to 13 or 14, were said to have... More »

Hackers May Have Hit Every Federal Employee

Union says they got Social Security numbers, other information

(Newser) - We knew the recent federal hack was big , but a federal employees' union says it was much bigger than has been disclosed. In fact, it alleges that the hackers got sensitive information on every single federal employee and retiree, along with 1 million former federal workers, reports AP . The news... More »

Downfall Complete for Once 'Untouchable' China Honcho

Ex-security boss Zhou Yongkang gets life in corruption crackdown

(Newser) - China's onetime "untouchable" former security chief was sentenced today to life in prison on corruption charges, in a victory for President Xi Jinping's anti-graft campaign seen as further cementing his authority by removing a potential challenger. Zhou Yongkang, a former member of the all-powerful Politburo Standing... More »

Chinese Feminist Issues Call for Women's Armpit Hair

Contest in China generates lots of attention

(Newser) - Most women's rights advocates aren't interested in turning back the clock. But China's Xiao Meili hopes to do just that with a contest on messaging site Weibo . The goal: find the best photo of a woman's untamed armpit hair—a look she says was popular in... More »

Data Stolen in Latest Hack Goes Back 30 Years

Reuters says it includes background checks from 1985

(Newser) - Some of the personnel data stolen in the massive new federal hack predates the widespread use of computers—and hackers themselves. Reuters reports that the breach at the Office of Personnel Management involves security clearances and background checks dating back to 1985. That would explain that while 4 million people... More »

China Might Be Spying on You

Times, Post say Beijing is building databases on Americans

(Newser) - If US authorities are correct, China is behind the massive new hack of government personnel files , But why? If it were a financial motive—identity theft, etc.—that would be one thing. But the New York Times and the Washington Post talk to security experts and come to the... More »

China Brings 14 Times More Divers to Capsized Ship

Hundreds of rescuers searching Yangtze River site

(Newser) - Chinese authorities escalated efforts to recover more than 410 people believed to be trapped inside an overturned river cruise ship today, deploying scores more divers and a large crane to possibly lift the craft. The squad of 13 navy divers who searched the multi-decked Eastern Star in the Yangtze River... More »

As Survivors Yell for Help, Ship's Captain Detained

More than 400 still missing in Yangtze disaster

(Newser) - Divers have pulled two people alive from inside a capsized cruise ship and are preparing to rescue at least four more, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV says, giving some small hope to an apparently massive tragedy with well over 400 people still missing on the Yangtze River. Only 18 people are... More »

450 Missing in China Ship Disaster

Only 10 people rescued so far

(Newser) - A small cruise ship sank overnight in China's Yangtze River during a storm, leaving at least one person dead and nearly 450 people missing, most of them elderly, state media reports. Ten people have been rescued so far. Search teams heard sounds coming from within the partially submerged ship... More »

KFC Sues China Firms: Our Chickens Don't Have 8 Legs

Chain tries to swat down social media smear campaigns

(Newser) - KFC says it filed a lawsuit against three companies in China whose social media accounts spread false rumors about its food, including that its chickens have eight legs. The case filed by China's biggest restaurant operator comes as the government intensifies a campaign to clean up rumors on social... More »

Beijing to Publicly Shame Smokers

New rules take effect today

(Newser) - Well, that's one way to get people to smoke less: Starting today in Beijing, it's illegal to smoke in restaurants, offices, or on public transportation ... and if you violate the law three times, your name will be listed on a government website. The law also raises the fine... More »

China Executes Teacher Who Abused 26 Kids

'Timid' victims were as young as 4

(Newser) - A former elementary school teacher in China has been executed for molesting or raping 26 students, some as young as 4 years old. The Intermediate People's Court in the western province of Gansu says it carried out the sentence against Li Jishun yesterday after it was upheld by the... More »

When Raiding Chinese Tombs, Feng Shui Helps

Police bust the China's biggest black-market antiquities ring

(Newser) - Police in China say they've busted the biggest antiquities trafficking ring in the country's history with the arrest of 175 people and the discovery of more than 1,100 artifacts worth $80 million, reports the BBC . Most are thought to have been dug up illegally around ruins going... More »

Man With 17 Girlfriends Now in Trouble With the Law

Ruse unraveled when he was involved in a car accident in China

(Newser) - A traffic accident in China last month made headlines when no fewer than 17 girlfriends showed up at the hospital to comfort the injured man. All were surprised to learn of the others. Now, police officials say it was more than embarrassing—it was criminal. They've detained the man... More »

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