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Man With 17 Girlfriends Now in Trouble With the Law

Ruse unraveled when he was involved in a car accident in China

(Newser) - A traffic accident in China last month made headlines when no fewer than 17 girlfriends showed up at the hospital to comfort the injured man. All were surprised to learn of the others. Now, police officials say it was more than embarrassing—it was criminal. They've detained the man... More »

Tycoon Loses $15B in 30 Minutes

Li Hejun is no longer China's richest man

(Newser) - Pop goes the bubble: An energy company chief's brief time as the richest person in China ended in a spectacular collapse this week. In a brutal 30 minutes or so of trading on Wednesday, Li Hejun's fortune went down by as much as $500 million a minute as... More »

'Go Away': US Spy Plane Warned by China

8 warnings issued from Chinese navy to US plane flying over South China Sea

(Newser) - "This is the Chinese navy. … This is the Chinese navy. … Please go away … to avoid misunderstanding." That was one of the warnings a CNN team heard aboard a P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft yesterday as part of a US mission over man-made islands created by the... More »

US: 6 From China Conspired to Steal Tech Secrets

5 indicted, one arrested

(Newser) - It's one arrest and five indictments with some big implications: Federal prosecutors have charged six Chinese citizens with what they allege was a decade-long effort to steal wireless technology from two Silicon Valley companies. Tianjin University professor Hao Zhang, 36, was arrested Saturday at LAX, en route to a... More »

Tibet to China: Give Us Back the Boy Monk You Stole

2nd-highest Buddhist spiritual leader disappeared 20 years ago at age 6

(Newser) - Twenty years ago this week, a 6-year-old Tibetan boy was cornered by Chinese authorities, then apparently fell off the face of the Earth. He wasn't just any grade-schooler, though: Gedhun Choekyi Nyima had just been declared the 11th Panchen Lama (second only to the Dalai Lama in the Buddhist... More »

Pentagon May Poke China Over Disputed Islands

Defense chief considers sending planes, ships close to Spratly Islands

(Newser) - Relations between the US and China might get testy in the very near future. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Pentagon is considering sending planes and ships close to a disputed set of islands in the South China Sea. China has been undertaking a massive project to make the... More »

China Ignores Own Reform, Rampantly Tortures: HRW

Prisoners electrocuted, deprived of sleep, sprayed with chili oil

(Newser) - China promised years ago to reform its legal system so suspects wouldn't be abused in custody, but according to a Human Rights Watch report out today authorities are flouting the rules and continuing their brutal methods, the AP reports. "Police are torturing criminal suspects to get them to... More »

Boss Spends Millions Taking 6.4K Workers on Vacation

Group also reportedly broke odd world record while cavorting with shady CEO

(Newser) - Imagine your boss said he'd treat you—and several thousand of your colleagues—to an all-expenses-paid vacation in France, complete with a private trip to the Louvre and luxury shopping—and that you'd also break a world record. That's exactly what happened for 6,400 or so... More »

China's Terracotta Army Could Grow Larger

Excavation should reveal hundreds more soldiers in No. 2 pit

(Newser) - A new excavation of something branded the "No. 2 pit" is a potentially much more remarkable undertaking than it sounds: It could swell the ranks of China's famed terracotta army. Work began March 30 on the pit, which sits adjacent to the tomb mound of Qin Shi Huang,... More »

Church Crosses to Be Banned in 'China's Jerusalem'

They're already gone from hundreds of Zhejiang churches

(Newser) - A Chinese province where authorities have forcibly removed hundreds of rooftop crosses from skylines of cities and towns has proposed a ban on any further placement of the religious symbol atop sanctuaries at both Protestant and Catholic churches. The draft, if approved, will give authorities in the eastern province of... More »

Why China's Antarctica Presence Is Worrying Some

Country rapidly expanding polar presence

(Newser) - China took a long time to get to Antarctica, but the country is now boosting its presence there at a rate that some experts find alarming, according to the New York Times . The country has now opened a fourth research station on the frozen continent and knows where it will... More »

China Just Built a 57-Story Skyscraper in 19 Days

Company that erected Mini Sky City wants to build world's tallest building next

(Newser) - Nineteen atriums, office space for 4,000 workers, and 800 apartments are all housed in the new Mini Sky City in China's Hunan province—a 57-story architectural feat that took its builder just 19 working days to erect, the AP reports. The glass-and-steel structure was put up by Broad... More »

China Police Free Factory Slave After 18 Years

They say 34-year-old man was kept locked up, forced to work

(Newser) - Police in China's Guangdong province say they have a freed a 34-year-old man who had been forced to work as a factory slave for 18 years, reports the South China Morning Post . Xie Shisheng was gaunt, terrified of leaving his locked room, and unsure about what year it was,... More »

China: No More Funeral Strippers

Apparently, erotic funeral shows are all the rage in rural China

(Newser) - Chinese officials are launching a campaign in some rural areas to crack down on stripteases and other lewd shows that have become popular at ... funerals. The Ministry of Culture said yesterday that it will tighten control over rural culture, where vulgar performances have been thriving because of a general lack... More »

China Warns US on North Korea's Nukes

Arsenal bigger than US thinks, Beijing's experts say

(Newser) - Even North Korea's closest ally is getting very worried about the country's nuclear arsenal—which may be a lot bigger than we thought. China has warned American nuclear experts that Pyongyang now has around 20 nuclear warheads, and the country has become so good at enriching uranium that... More »

Guy Gets 14 Months for Splashing Mao

He chucked ink at giant Beijing portrait

(Newser) - The official Chinese Communist Party line on Mao Zedong is that he was "70% right and 30% wrong"—but defacing his portrait is still 100% forbidden. According to state media, a 42-year-old man who splashed ink on the huge portrait of the chairman that hangs in Beijing's... More »

China to Build a Direct Path to Indian Ocean

Chinese to announce $45B investment in Pakistani energy, infrastructure

(Newser) - China doesn't touch the Indian Ocean, but it soon intends to have access to it. Chinese president Xi Jinping is currently on a two-day trip to Pakistan to finalize a big investment in its links with its neighbor: $45 billion to be spent on energy and infrastructure projects, the... More »

Japan Now Biggest US Creditor

It overtakes China for first time since 2008

(Newser) - Japan has overtaken China as the top foreign holder of US Treasury securities, a position the country last held in August 2008. In its monthly report on bond holdings, the Treasury Department says total foreign holdings of Treasury debt dipped 0.9% in February to $6.16 trillion, down from... More »

Why China Is Building 'Great Wall of Sand'

Hint: Beijing is not trying to make its neighbors happy

(Newser) - China is no stranger to herculean feats of construction , and its current one is both fascinating and more than a little controversial: As the New York Times reports, Beijing is building itself islands. One, dubbed Mischief Reef, is an actual reef that's part of the Spratly Islands in the... More »

Man's Car Accident Brings All 17 Girlfriends to His Side

In other words, Yuan got busted ... big time

(Newser) - Sometimes all it takes for a wounded man to heal is a little TLC—or a lot of TLC, if all 17 of your girlfriends show up. A Chinese man identified only by the surname Yuan was in a car accident on March 24 and was taken to the hospital... More »

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