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Ad in China Fights Back Against Insane Pressure to Marry

Friends put up $6K ad in subway telling Mom and Dad not to worry if they're single

(Newser) - While the Panthers and Broncos face off at the Super Bowl this Sunday, young people in China heading home for the Lunar New Year have their own pressure to face: the badgering of well-meaning family members who want them to get married. Marriage and producing kids hold a lot of... More »

Japan to Spend $107M on Tiny, Remote Island

The move could spark territory dispute with China

(Newser) - A tiny island in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 miles south of Tokyo is about to get a pricey makeover courtesy of Japan. It's all about allowing Japan to stake its claim to oil, rare metals, and lucrative fishing in the area around Okinotorishima, reports the Guardian . Japan... More »

When 100K People Get Stuck at One Train Station


(Newser) - If you hate crowds, a train station in southern China might just be your idea of hell. China's Lunar New Year celebrations begin Feb. 8, and those trying to travel home ahead of the holiday via the main Guangzhou Railway Station on Monday found themselves—and at least 100,... More »

China Releases HD Photos of Moon

Jade Rabbit delivers in detail

(Newser) - Its mission had a rocky start , but China's Jade Rabbit moon rover is now sending back some nifty high-resolution images of the lunar surface, reports CNN . China has made them available to download here , though Business Insider finds the process "frustratingly complicated." Luckily, it adds, Emily Lakdawalla... More »

20-Foot Tapeworm Found Living Inside Raw-Beef-Loving Man

He lost up to 22 pounds in three days

(Newser) - Squeamish readers be warned: The South China Morning Post reports a Chinese man was recently found to have a 20-foot tapeworm living inside his intestines. According to Live Science , the 38-year-old man went to the doctor last spring after losing up to 22 pounds over the course of three days.... More »

Secret Ingredient Used in China's Restaurants: Drugs

Country's FDA going after eateries it says use opium poppy powder as seasoning

(Newser) - If repasts at restaurants in China have seemed especially delectable (and irresistible) as of late, it may be because workers were sprinkling addictive opiates into the mix. That's what that country's equivalent of the FDA alleges, and now five restaurants are being prosecuted, while 30 others are getting... More »

Planned 'Dark Side of Moon' Landing Intensifies

Now China's shooting for 2018 for historic lunar event

(Newser) - In what AFP says will be "a first for humanity," China will be landing a probe on the so-called "dark side of the moon" two years earlier than planned, per state media. Named after the mythological Chinese moon goddess, Chang'e 4 will touch down in 2018... More »

Force Awakens Opens in World's 2nd-Biggest Movie Market

But Star Wars may struggle to overtake Avatar in China

(Newser) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened Saturday in China, where it is far from certain to draw in enough movie-goers to knock off Avatar as the world's all-time biggest grossing movie. The seventh Star Wars movie is the highest ever grossing film in the North American market, where it... More »

Pregnant Woman Hides in Airport for a Week

Authorities say she was desperate to give birth in Hong Kong

(Newser) - A mainland Chinese woman was so desperate to give birth in Hong Kong that she spent a week camped out in the airport after deliberately missing a connecting flight to Guangzhou, authorities say. Children born in Hong Kong to mainland women gain the right of abode there, and authorities have... More »

China Stops Trading After Stocks Nosedive

Experts say the 'Great Fall of China' has recommenced

(Newser) - Chinese stocks nosedived Thursday, triggering their second daylong trading halt this week and sending share markets, Asian currencies, and oil prices lower as investor jitters rippled across the globe. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index tumbled 7.3% before "circuit breakers" suspended trading for the day. The Shenzhen Composite Index... More »

China Fuming Over N. Korea 'H-Bomb Test'

Beijing plans to lodge strong protest with ally

(Newser) - North Korea's main ally says it "firmly opposes" Pyongyang's purported hydrogen bomb test and is monitoring the environment along its border with the North near the test site. China plans to summon North Korea's ambassador in Beijing to the Foreign Ministry to lodge a strong protest,... More »

Men Who Planned to Air China Prez's Affairs Go Missing

Some believe Lee Bo was kidnapped in Hong Kong

(Newser) - Politicians are accusing Chinese agents of illegally interfering in Hong Kong to apprehend a bookseller critical of Beijing—the fifth to have vanished in recent months. A missing person report for Lee Bo, a 65-year-old shareholder of Causeway Bay Books, was filed on Thursday, just a few months after four... More »

Dow Tumbles 360 to Open 2016 Market

Worrisome start follows plunge of China's market

(Newser) - It's a bleak start to the new year on Wall Street Monday morning: The Dow fell more than 360 points at the open after China's stock market suffered a huge plunge of its own. Chinese stocks fell 7%, spooking US investors worried about a global slowdown, reports the... More »

China's New Drone May Be Based On Stolen US Blueprints

'Basically a clone of the Reaper'

(Newser) - China is closing the drone-gap with the US military, and it may be thanks to stolen designs. The Asia Times reports China's newly unveiled UAV—the Caihong-4—bears a striking resemblance to the US military's MQ-9 Reaper, especially it its size, landing gear, engine, and tail. The Caihong-4—... More »

Infrared Cameras Spot 8 Men Alive in Mine

They became trapped 5 days ago

(Newser) - Rescuers using infrared cameras to peer into darkness at a wrecked mine in eastern China on Wednesday found eight surviving miners who were trapped for five days after a collapse so violent it registered as a seismic event. The disaster on Christmas Day at the gypsum mine in Shandong province... More »

A Rover That Can't Move Made Big Find on Moon

Rock has moderate titanium levels compared with earlier samples

(Newser) - After almost being declared dead , China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover has uncovered something astronauts and earlier rovers missed: a new type of moon rock. While exploring an impact crater in the Mare Imbrium—what Motherboard calls the "right eye" of the "Man in the Moon"—the... More »

Mine Owner Kills Himself After Deadly Accident

Authorities say he drowned himself during rescue effort

(Newser) - The owner of a mine in China's Shandong province was apparently overcome by either remorse or a fear of authorities after a collapse killed at least one worker and left another 17 trapped. The gypsum mine owner jumped into a well and drowned in an apparent suicide Sunday while... More »

Embassy Warns of Threat to Americans in Beijing

Westerners are at risk, embassies say

(Newser) - Security has been tightened around a Beijing bar and shopping area popular with foreigners as embassies issued warnings that foreigners should be on guard for possible threats against them. The American, British, French, and other embassies said they had received information of possible threats against Westerners in the Sanlitun area... More »

Door Panel Saved Man Buried in Landslide for 60 Hours

He had been trying to get out of his room when the building collapsed

(Newser) - A migrant worker was pulled out alive Wednesday after he was buried for more than 60 hours in a massive landslide that swept through part of a major manufacturing city in southern China. A spokesman for the Shenzhen Emergency Response Office said that the man, Tian Zeming, was rescued around... More »

China to Free Top Human Rights Lawyer

He criticized the Communist Party online

(Newser) - One of China's most prominent human rights lawyers is set to be freed after a Beijing court on Tuesday gave him a suspended jail sentence in a case involving online comments critical of the ruling Communist Party. The court convicted Pu Zhiqiang, who was arrested in a May 2014... More »

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