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Doctors Make Nasty Find in Guy Constipated for 10 Years

His colon had swelled to twice its normal size

(Newser) - Know anyone who's had constipation for 10 years? Hopefully not, but just in case: A guy in China with that very condition just went to the hospital, where doctors found an 11-pound stool lodged in his colon, Fox News reports. Doctors at Second People’s Hospital in Chengdu, China,... More »

China, Russia Comparing Hacks to Flush Out US Spies

Foreign governments can use compromised info to blackmail US intelligence agents

(Newser) - The "high-level snooping" foreign spy agencies have been carrying out on US computer networks isn't simply a matter of trolling for state secrets. It's also a way to expose US spies—as well as contractors who provide tech support—who can then be blackmailed and even recruited,... More »

This Is What It Looks Like to Get Swallowed by a Sinkhole

Terrifying event happened last weekend at bus stop in Chinese city of Harbin

(Newser) - If hearing about being sucked into a sinkhole isn't terrifying enough for you, the AP has posted a video of that happening to a group of pedestrians Saturday in China. Five people at a bus stop in the northeastern city of Harbin fell into the suddenly emerging sidewalk maw... More »

China Arrests 11 Officials Over Deadly Explosion

They're accused of 'abusing their positions'

(Newser) - Chinese prosecutors have detained 11 people over a massive warehouse explosion that killed at least 139 people. The national prosecutor's office says those held include current and retired officials in Tianjin, along with others working for the company that runs the port. They're accused of dereliction of duty... More »

What You Need to Know Before the Markets Open

Things look much calmer, and US is poised for a decent start

(Newser) - The financial world looks less chaotic today than it did on what's being called Black Monday: Chinese stocks had another rough day, but European markets stabilized and American stock futures rose, reports the Wall Street Journal . The Shanghai Index closed down 7.6% and Japan's Nikkei dropped 4%,... More »

China's 'Black Monday' Shakes World Economy

World markets very worried after worst fall in 8 years

(Newser) - If the world economy could think, it would probably be wishing it had stayed in bed today. In what even Beijing's government mouthpiece is calling "Black Monday," China's stock market plunged almost 9% today in its biggest one-day drop since early 2007, wiping out all this... More »

Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up in Tianjin

No big deal and no link to blast, authorities claim

(Newser) - Thousands of dead fish have been washing ashore a few miles from Tianjin, site of last week's deadly blast , but Chinese authorities say this is "not rare" in summer and probably nothing to worry about. A lot of people however, are very skeptical: They believe the die-off must... More »

Are Americans Ready to Buy a Car Made in China?

GM may import the Buick Envision next year

(Newser) - Will US consumers buy a car made in China? General Motors may be about to find out as the company mulls importing its Buick Envision from China, where more than 57,000 of the "compact crossovers" were sold in the first half of this year, Automotive News reports. A... More »

China Not Messing Around Hunting Down Fugitive in US

Brother of ex-aide to ex China president may have 'sensitive' info on Chinese leaders

(Newser) - The Obama administration has warned China to stop sending over undercover agents to wrangle its "economic fugitives," but that hasn't stopped Xi Jinping's henchmen from traveling overseas to find the brother of a man who used to be a top aide to ex-Chinese President Hu Jintao.... More »

China: Deadly Chemical 'Mostly Cleaned Up' Today

But residents are upset with the government's lack of communication

(Newser) - Chinese officials are hoping to calm residents of Tianjin, declaring lingering sodium-cyanide residue near the site of Wednesday's blasts —which caused evacuations of up to 90,000 people within a 3-mile radius, per Reuters and CNN —will "mostly be cleaned up" by later today, when rain... More »

US to China: Stop Sending Undercover Cops

Covert agents have been arriving as tourists, officials say

(Newser) - China has been told that if it wants to bring its fugitives home from the US, it needs to go through proper channels and not send undercover agents on tourist visas to put pressure on them. The Obama administration has warned Beijing about the use of covert agents in the... More »

Amid Contamination Fears, China Blocks Blast Site

Officials scramble to clear Tianjin of sodium cyanide

(Newser) - Authorities pulled more bodies from a massive blast site in the Chinese port of Tianjin, pushing the death toll to 112 today as teams scrambled to clear dangerous chemical contamination. Hundreds were injured and 85 firefighters and 10 others are missing since a fire and rapid succession of blasts late... More »

Anger Boiling Over for Relatives of Missing China Firefighters

Death toll climbs as smaller explosions are reported

(Newser) - New small explosions rocked a disaster zone in the Chinese port of Tianjin today, as authorities pulled out an additional survivor and began evacuating the area to clean up chemical contamination nearly three days after massive explosions touched off the crisis. Angry relatives of missing firefighters stormed a government news... More »

Guy Caught Incredible Footage of Terrifying Tianjin Blasts

Calif. native says explosions he witnessed were like a 'small nuclear bomb going off'

(Newser) - A California native who lives in Tianjin was trying to record the Perseid meteor shower when a series of massive explosions erupted Wednesday night, devastating the city , killing dozens, and injuring hundreds. Daniel Van Duren tells NBC News he and his girlfriend, Ying, witnessed what he says looked like "... More »

Trapped Firefighter Saved 32 Hours After Tianjin Blasts

Fire still smoldering as cause investigated

(Newser) - Some good news amid the devastation caused by Wednesday night's massive explosions in Tianjin : Rescuers have freed a 19-year-old firefighter who was trapped in wreckage for 32 hours after the enormous blasts shook a district in the Chinese city, the AP reports. At least 17 of his colleagues are... More »

This Is Tianjin After Huge Blasts

Daylight reveals scale of devastation

(Newser) - Many details are still unclear, and the Hong Kong Free Press reports that Chinese authorities are trying to tightly control media coverage, but aerial photos and drone footage show the apocalyptic scale of destruction after last night's massive explosions in Tianjin . The BBC reports that the blasts, which Chinese... More »

Dozens Dead, Hundreds Hurt in 'Massive' City Blast

Dozens of firefighters missing in Tianjin

(Newser) - Two explosions—one said to equal 21 tons of TNT—shook China's port city of Tianjin at 11:30pm local time today, killing at least 44 people and injuring hundreds more. Chinese state media says a shipment of explosives caused the blasts in a container terminal, BBC News reports,... More »

Currency War? Chinese Move Shakes World Markets

Country's economy may be in worse shape than thought

(Newser) - In a move that some analysts fear could be the start of a "global currency war," China's yuan dropped again today, dragging other Asian currencies down with it. Today's drop against the dollar was the second biggest since 1994, exceeded only by yesterday's , and the... More »

Chinese Imports Just Got Cheaper

Yuan devalued after trade slump

(Newser) - China devalued its tightly controlled currency today following a slump in trade, allowing the yuan's biggest one-day decline in a decade. The central bank says the "one-off depreciation" of 1.9% against the dollar, which follows signs of a weakening Chinese economy, is a move to make its... More »

China Snooping in Top US Officials' Emails Since 2010: NSA

And the intrusion is still happening, senior US intelligence official says

(Newser) - For those who've been wondering why such a big deal has been made about Hillary Clinton's private email server, this could add some context. A senior US intelligence official, as well as a "top-secret" NSA document from 2014, indicates that China has been reading the private emails... More »

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