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World's Biggest Polluter to Make Big Announcement

Obama will join Xi to reveal cap-and-trade program

(Newser) - President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are set to make an announcement today on one of the few things they agree on. The White House says that at a joint press conference with Obama, Xi plans to announce a 2017 launch date for a national cap-and-trade program to cut... More »

Chinese President Says 'Cheese' With US Tech Giants

Zuckerberg even put on a suit for the occasion

(Newser) - One way to get the head of Apple to visit the Microsoft campus: Tell him it's picture day with the president of China. Tim Cook and other technology bigwigs—including Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and Alibaba's Jack Ma—gathered yesterday in Redmond, Wash., for... More »

China: This Woman Is an American Spy

Husband says Phan Phan-Gillis has been in custody for 6 months

(Newser) - The husband of a US businesswoman accused of spying in China says she was secretly held in the country for six months before authorities pressed charges on Sunday. Jeff Gillis says Phan Phan-Gillis, who goes by Sandy, was one of five Houston officials and businesspeople taking part in a trade... More »

Huge New Chinese Airstrip Rises From South China Sea

Mischief Reef was an 'outpost on stilts' a year ago

(Newser) - China is engaged in something more than mere mischief on Mischief Reef in the disputed Spratly Islands, new satellite images have revealed. The Center for Strategic and International Studies says photos show that China is building an airstrip on an artificial island it has created, which would be its third... More »

Feds: Oops, 'Chinese Spy' Is Innocent US Professor

His arrest was based on scientific misunderstanding

(Newser) - The next time the Justice Department decides to arrest a "spy" for sending classified scientific information to China, it might try consulting a scientist first. In what the New York Times describes as an "embarrassing acknowledgement" for prosecutors and the FBI, espionage charges have been dropped against Xi... More »

First-Ever Visit to Dark Side of Moon in the Works

Plans to land probe on moon's far side by 2020

(Newser) - If everything goes to plan with China's space program—which so far everything has since the country launched its first astronaut in 2003—it will become the first country to land a probe on the "dark side of the moon," the AP reports. This week, Zou Yongliao... More »

Is China Mad at Jon Bon Jovi?

Bon Jovi's first-ever Chinese shows mysteriously canceled

(Newser) - It seems the Dalai Lama has indirectly led to the disappointment of Chinese concertgoers once again. One week before Bon Jovi was to play a three-city tour of China—the band's first-ever shows in the country—two of the shows were mysteriously canceled, the Washington Post reports. This despite... More »

In China, Some Drivers Hit to Kill

It costs less money to pay for a funeral than a lifetime of care

(Newser) - In the US, hit-and-runs are not only frowned upon, they're often prosecuted if the perpetrator is caught. In China, hitting and running from the scene leaves open the possibility of being responsible for a lifetime of medical bills, so some drivers who hit then throw the car in reverse... More »

Here's How Close Chinese Warships Came to Our Coast

They passed through US waters, about 12 nautical miles from Alaska

(Newser) - Chinese warships weren't just exploring international waters when they ventured close to Alaska on Tuesday. The five ships came within 12 nautical miles of the coast, the Pentagon says, meaning they penetrated US territorial waters, reports the Wall Street Journal . China says its ships sailed to the Bering Sea... More »

As Obama Visits Alaska, So Do Chinese Warships

Bering Sea visit looks like a first, Pentagon says

(Newser) - Bad timing? In what the Pentagon says is a first, five Chinese warships were spotted in international waters in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska yesterday as President Obama visited the state, reports the Wall Street Journal . Defense officials say they're not entirely sure what the Chinese... More »

Why China Is Cutting 300K Troops

Beijing celebrates Communist's WWII 'victory over Japan'

(Newser) - Tanks, missiles, and troops in lock-step filed past Beijing's iconic Tiananmen Square in a massive parade today commemorating Japan's World War II defeat 70 years ago and underlining President Xi Jinping's determination to make China the pre-eminent Asian power. The spectacle involved more than 12,000 troops,... More »

Doctors Make Nasty Find in Guy Constipated for 10 Years

His colon had swelled to twice its normal size

(Newser) - Know anyone who's had constipation for 10 years? Hopefully not, but just in case: A guy in China with that very condition just went to the hospital, where doctors found an 11-pound stool lodged in his colon, Fox News reports. Doctors at Second People’s Hospital in Chengdu, China,... More »

China, Russia Comparing Hacks to Flush Out US Spies

Foreign governments can use compromised info to blackmail US intelligence agents

(Newser) - The "high-level snooping" foreign spy agencies have been carrying out on US computer networks isn't simply a matter of trolling for state secrets. It's also a way to expose US spies—as well as contractors who provide tech support—who can then be blackmailed and even recruited,... More »

This Is What It Looks Like to Get Swallowed by a Sinkhole

Terrifying event happened last weekend at bus stop in Chinese city of Harbin

(Newser) - If hearing about being sucked into a sinkhole isn't terrifying enough for you, the AP has posted a video of that happening to a group of pedestrians Saturday in China. Five people at a bus stop in the northeastern city of Harbin fell into the suddenly emerging sidewalk maw... More »

China Arrests 11 Officials Over Deadly Explosion

They're accused of 'abusing their positions'

(Newser) - Chinese prosecutors have detained 11 people over a massive warehouse explosion that killed at least 139 people. The national prosecutor's office says those held include current and retired officials in Tianjin, along with others working for the company that runs the port. They're accused of dereliction of duty... More »

What You Need to Know Before the Markets Open

Things look much calmer, and US is poised for a decent start

(Newser) - The financial world looks less chaotic today than it did on what's being called Black Monday: Chinese stocks had another rough day, but European markets stabilized and American stock futures rose, reports the Wall Street Journal . The Shanghai Index closed down 7.6% and Japan's Nikkei dropped 4%,... More »

China's 'Black Monday' Shakes World Economy

World markets very worried after worst fall in 8 years

(Newser) - If the world economy could think, it would probably be wishing it had stayed in bed today. In what even Beijing's government mouthpiece is calling "Black Monday," China's stock market plunged almost 9% today in its biggest one-day drop since early 2007, wiping out all this... More »

Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up in Tianjin

No big deal and no link to blast, authorities claim

(Newser) - Thousands of dead fish have been washing ashore a few miles from Tianjin, site of last week's deadly blast , but Chinese authorities say this is "not rare" in summer and probably nothing to worry about. A lot of people however, are very skeptical: They believe the die-off must... More »

Are Americans Ready to Buy a Car Made in China?

GM may import the Buick Envision next year

(Newser) - Will US consumers buy a car made in China? General Motors may be about to find out as the company mulls importing its Buick Envision from China, where more than 57,000 of the "compact crossovers" were sold in the first half of this year, Automotive News reports. A... More »

China Not Messing Around Hunting Down Fugitive in US

Brother of ex-aide to ex China president may have 'sensitive' info on Chinese leaders

(Newser) - The Obama administration has warned China to stop sending over undercover agents to wrangle its "economic fugitives," but that hasn't stopped Xi Jinping's henchmen from traveling overseas to find the brother of a man who used to be a top aide to ex-Chinese President Hu Jintao.... More »

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