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WWII Soldier Coming Home, No Thanks to Pentagon

German, France investigate remains after US balks at process: ProPublica

(Newser) - A US Army private killed in World War II is finally coming home, but only because the nation he fought againstGermanystepped up when the nation he fought for—America—didn't want to pursue the matter, reports ProPublica . Lawrence Gordon was killed in Normandy in August 1944 and... More »

Pentagon Working on 'Combat Gum' for Soldiers

... to cut down on costly dental problems

(Newser) - War is hell, and trying to fight one with a toothache is even worse, which brings us to ... Combat Gum. This is a real product being developed by the Army—gum that soldiers in the field can chew to kill disease-carrying bacteria and ward off expensive dental problems, reports the... More »

Pentagon Analyzes Putin's ... Body Language

And spends lots of money to do so

(Newser) - How to figure out what Vladimir Putin might be up to next? You might stare into his eyes to plumb his soul, as George W. Bush famously did . Or you can spend serious money to study his body language, as the Pentagon has done. Defense officials confirmed yesterday that they'... More »

Gillibrand's Sex-Assault Bill for Military Fails in Senate

She hoped to remove authority from commanders

(Newser) - New York Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand has lost her fight to dramatically change the way the Pentagon handles sex-assault cases, reports AP . For now, anyway. She needed 60 votes to overcome a filibuster but came up with only 55. And the Hill points out that this wasn't exactly a party-line... More »

Pentagon to Russia: No More Cooperation From US

Meetings, visits, conferences all nixed over Ukraine, spokesman says

(Newser) - The Pentagon says it is suspending exercises and other activities with the Russian military, in light of Moscow's military involvement in Ukraine. A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, said today that the US military has "put on hold" all military-to-military engagements, including bilateral meetings, port visits,... More »

Pentagon's Plan: Cut Army to Pre-WWII Level

Hagel budget moves military off 'war footing'

(Newser) - The US Army may soon shrink to a level not seen since before it geared up to fight Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan simultaneously. In a spending proposal to be unveiled today, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel outlines plans to cut the Army to around 450,000 soldiers, its lowest level... More »

US' New Afghanistan Plan: Forget Karzai

Military revising exit plan to give Obama room to negotiate with the next guy

(Newser) - The US military is changing its Afghan exit strategy to give President Obama a chance to negotiate a security deal with whoever succeeds Hamid Karzai, the Wall Street Journal reports. Obama is increasingly frustrated with Karzai, with whom he pointedly hasn't spoken since last summer. "If he's... More »

What Budget? White House Saves Aircraft Carrier

It will ask Congress for extra money for USS George Washington

(Newser) - With Congress breathing down its neck, the White House has stepped in to stop the Pentagon's plan to mothball even a single aircraft carrier, the Wall Street Journal reports. Chuck Hagel had decided that to meet sequester-mandated spending cuts, he could drop the nation's carrier fleet from 11... More »

Afghanistan Exit Plans: Leave 10K Troops —or None

And, according to one report, pull out fast

(Newser) - The Pentagon has offered President Obama a stark choice: Leave 10,000 troops in Afghanistan at the end of the year, or yank them all. The military argues that dropping below that threshold will leave it unable to protect any remaining US personnel, the New York Times reports. The State... More »

US Prepared to Evacuate Americans From Sochi

Air, naval assets will be on standby

(Newser) - As Russia hunts "black widow" bombers believed to be targeting the Sochi Olympics, an offer of help has arrived from the Pentagon. The US military says it is "conducting prudent planning and preparations" in case American support is needed to deal with militant threats and it will have... More »

Photos Show Marines Burning Iraqi Corpses: TMZ

Pentagon investigating images thought to be from Fallujah 2004

(Newser) - TMZ is venturing well off the Justin Bieber beat with a potentially serious story about the behavior of Marines during the Iraq war. The site has published eight grisly photos that it says show US troops burning the corpses of Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah in 2004, rifling through pockets,... More »

Reported Sex Assaults Surge 50% in US Military

Pentagon says it's because more people feel confident enough to come forward

(Newser) - The number of reported sexual assaults in the military rose by more than 50% this year, but defense officials say that figure is actually a sign of progress. Heightened attention to the problem is causing more people to come forward as they gain confidence in the system, they say. More... More »

Google Robot Wins Pentagon Competition

Completes Fukushima-inspired obstacle course

(Newser) - One of Google's recent robotics acquisitions cruised to victory in a Pentagon obstacle course meant to simulate a robot rescue. The Schaft robot, by a Japanese firm Google recently bought, was the top scorer in the eight-task event, held Friday and Saturday, the BBC reports. Coming in second was... More »

Top Gun Inspiration Makes History at Pentagon

Christine Fox is acting No. 2, highest defense post ever held by a woman

(Newser) - For someone who has spent a chunk of her career in the wonky position of budget strategist for the Pentagon, Christine Fox now has two decidedly unwonky gems on her resume:
  • President Obama today appointed her as the acting No. 2 at the Pentagon, an "unprecedented move" that gives
... More »

Pentagon's Cooked Books Hide Lost Billions

Reuters finds $8.5T in spending has never been audited

(Newser) - A Reuters investigation looks deep inside one of the biggest and most complex works of military fiction of all time: the Pentagon's books. Defense Department sources say it is routine to use phony numbers—"plugs"—to make the numbers of defense agencies match those from the Treasury... More »

Defense Chief Apologizes to Medal of Honor Soldier

We lost your paperwork, says Chuck Hagel

(Newser) - Yesterday, Former Army Capt. William Swenson got the Medal of Honor for bravery from President Obama. Today, Swenson got a personal apology from the secretary of defense for taking so long to recognize his actions, reports the AP . Defense chief Chuck Hagel said Swenson's paperwork got lost in the... More »

Boeing Caught Selling Used Parts as 'New' to US

It's one of several times company has stiffed Pentagon

(Newser) - Boeing, the Pentagon's second-biggest contractor, has repeatedly ripped Uncle Sam off, a new report from the military's inspector general has concluded. In its most recent scheme, Boeing charged the federal government for new helicopter parts, and "primarily installed used parts instead," according to the report, which... More »

Number of Furloughed Workers Just Got Cut in Half

Pentagon ordering about 400K back to work

(Newser) - About half of the 800,000 federal workers furloughed this week because of the government shutdown were civilians who worked for the Defense Department. And now the Pentagon is ordering most of them back to work on Monday, reports the AP . Defense chief Chuck Hagel says he can make the... More »

As Shutdown Odds Rise, Federal Agencies Scramble

Hundreds of thousands of government employees will be furloughed

(Newser) - John Boehner planned a strategy session later today with House Republican leaders to plot their next move, but the prospects of avoiding a government shutdown before Monday's midnight deadline are getting bleaker by the hour, reports Politico . For one thing, no negotiations between Republicans and Democrats are even on... More »

Looks Like Syria Will Miss First Arms-Deal Deadline

Plus: Pentagon says US could train some rebels

(Newser) - Syria probably won't get a full inventory of its chemical weapons to international authorities by Saturday, as proposed—but the US, it seems, isn't panicking. "Our goal is to see forward momentum," rather than the whole inventory, by Saturday, says a State Department rep. "We'... More »

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