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Fishermen Threw Away a 'One-in-a-Billion' Catch

Conjoined twin porpoises found for first time

(Newser) - In all the time humans have been exploring the ocean, there have until now been just nine recorded sightings of conjoined aquatic mammals. That's only partly why the Washington Post calls a recent catch in the North Sea "a one-in-a-billion discovery." Dutch trawlers on May 30 discovered... More »

Narwhals 'See' Unlike Any Other Species

Directional sonar helps them find areas free of ice

(Newser) - Whales need to surface in order to breathe, and the narwhal is no different. Every four to six minutes, the Arctic whale—including males with a long tooth resembling a horn—must emerge from the depths of Baffin Bay between Baffin Island and Greenland, where 80% of all narwhals winter,... More »

After 445M Years, an 'Unprecedented' Shift in Our Oceans

Larger marine animals now at greater risk of extinction, study finds

(Newser) - Bigger is no longer better, at least when it comes to the extinction threat facing the animals who call our planet's oceans home. In a study published in Science on Wednesday, Stanford researchers reveal what a press release calls an "unprecedented pattern of extinction": large-bodied marine animals, not... More »

2 Humpbacks Saved From 'Enormously Painful' Fate

Caught in fishing lines off Mass., Calif. coastlines

(Newser) - A humpback whale off the coast of Gloucester, Mass., is lucky to be alive after a rescue team disentangled it from a slew of fishing lines, Massachusetts Environmental Police tell WCVB . The whale was first seen Wednesday morning, and by 7:30 that night, a Center for Coastal Studies team... More »

Cops Have Warning for 4 Who Swiped Sea Lion Pup

Sure, they're cute, but they bite hard

(Newser) - Sea lion pups might look cute, but they bite 10 times harder than dogs with mouths that are the dirtiest among mammals—meaning four people who snatched one from a Los Angeles beach early yesterday could be in for a world of hurt, an animal rescue expert says. A witness... More »

Whales and Dolphins May Deserve 'Personhood' Status

(Newser) - Whales and dolphins have highly evolved social structures and may deserve a “personhood” status similar to that being considered for members of the great ape family, Wired reports. The emotional and social areas of the cetacean brain are “enormously complex,” notes one researcher, “and in many... More »

Google Earth Adds 'Depth,' Tackling World's Oceans

Underwater volcanoes, shipwrecks now available to program's users

(Newser) - Google has added a new feature to its Google Earth software, which now enables users to explore the world’s oceans and access information from scientists and explorers, AFP reports. “Google Earth is equipping itself with a new dimension: depth,” an engineer said. Surfers can “dive beneath... More »

Team Frees Snared Right Whale

Critically endangered right whale was snared in hundreds of feet of fishing line

(Newser) - A team of experts managed to free a right whale that became entangled in fishing lines off  Florida, the Washington Post reports. Rescuers took three days to cut away hundreds of feet of line that had been trailing the young whale. Only 400 right whales are believed to remain in... More »

What to Do With a Dead Whale

Washed-up hulks are difficult to dispose of

(Newser) - The rash of dead whales washing onto California shores recently isn’t just an ecological tragedy; it’s a mammoth challenge. Disposing of whale carcasses is notoriously difficult, the LA Times explains. Pull one out to sea, and it will probably drift back—as a 70-ton whale did in Malibu... More »

US Loggerhead Numbers Drop

Commercial fishing causes decline in sea turtle numbers

(Newser) - The US loggerhead turtle population is waning, and a federal report concludes that commercial fishing is probably to blame, the AP reports. The threatened species gained numbers through the '90s, but now the sea turtle is on the brink of becoming officially endangered. Ocean health advocates are calling for federal... More »

Whales Head Home after 2-Week Stay

Officials think lost humpbacks have returned to the Pacific

(Newser) - Moby-Dick and Jonah can rest easy—the most overexposed whales in the world appear to have returned to the obscurity of the Pacific Ocean. The two humpbacks, who sparked an international media frenzy after getting stuck in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta 2 weeks ago, haven't been seen since late... More »

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