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Central African Republic Rebels: OK, We'll Talk

Halt advance on Bangui

(Newser) - Rebels in the poverty-stricken Central African Republic have been advancing on the capital for three weeks, but today they agreed to halt and begin peace talks, Reuters reports. They had come within striking distance of Bangui, causing the US to close its embassy in the country and evacuate its citizens... More »

US Outsourcing African Spy Missions

US contractors have been searching for Joseph Kony for years, with contractors

(Newser) - The US was searching for Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony for years before it sent troops to central Africa last year , but it was using American contractors instead of the military, the Washington Post finds in a detailed look at the program code-named "Tusker Sand." Private... More »

Kony Search Could Take Years: US

Reports put him in Sudan, Central African Republic

(Newser) - The search for Joseph Kony continues, and it could be a long time—even years—before we see results, US officials say. They believe the warlord is hiding in the jungles of the Central African Republic, but his low-tech survival methods—no radios, no phones, just messengers on foot—have... More »

US Barely Trying in Kony Hunt

US hasn't deployed technological muscle in effort to bring down LRA warlord

(Newser) - When US troops arrived in the Central African Republic village of Obo, residents cheered. "The Americans have captured Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein," said one tribal chief. "Surely they can catch Joseph Kony." But so far the US has shown little progress in catching the... More »

Invisible Children Co-Founder Found Half-Naked, Detained

Jason Russell is one of those behind 'Kony 2012' viral video

(Newser) - Jason Russell, a co-founder of the charity behind the Kony 2012 viral video , was detained in San Diego yesterday for allegedly being drunk and masturbating in public. Russell, 33, was found allegedly vandalizing cars, masturbating, and generally acting strange, a police officer says, adding that he may have been under... More »

Video to Stop African Warlord Joseph Kony Goes Viral

It's part of a savvy campaign to get him arrested

(Newser) - You might be hearing the name Joseph Kony a lot lately, and it's all part of a calculated media campaign to get the African warlord arrested. The group Invisible Children has posted a 30-minute video called "Kony 2012" whose sole purpose is to spread the word about his... More »

Congo Leader's War Crimes Trial Starts in Hague

Ex-VP Bemba accused of leading murderous militia in 2002

(Newser) - Congolese politician Jean-Pierre Bemba went on trial in The Hague today for war crimes, becoming the highest-ranking official to face the International Criminal Court. He's accused of leading a militia that raped, murdered, and tortured victims in the Central African Republic in 2002 and 2003, the New York Times reports.... More »

Nations Unite to Save Gorillas

10-year effort is the first to help dying species

(Newser) - Three African nations where the world's last 720 wild mountain gorillas live are finally working together to save the critically endangered animal, the Guardian reports. Until the 10-year plan was announced last week, mistrust and conflict had kept Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo from collaborating as another 10 apes were... More »

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