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World's 5 Most Unequal Countries on Same Continent

Effects of South Africa's apartheid still felt

(Newser) - Inequality was embedded in South African culture through its apartheid system. Nearly a quarter century after its end, the country still has a long way to go. "Inequality is high, persistent, and has increased since 1994" in South Africa, which is the most unequal country in the world when... More »

Well, USA Men's Hockey Just Lost to Slovenia

And the internet raises a collective eyebrow

(Newser) - Deadspin's headline says it all: "USA Men's Hockey Loses To Slovenia. Slovenia!" Five practices were supposed to prepare the Americans for this, but the preparation wasn't enough to fend off the fatigue as the United States blew a two-goal lead and lost a 3-2... More »

Did Melania Break Immigration Laws in Her Modeling Days?

Politico investigation raises questions that could cause her legal grief

(Newser) - The New York Post has been going to town publishing not-safe-for-work photos of Melania Trump from her early modeling days, but it's the timeline behind those images that's now raising more eyebrows. Politico backtracks through Trump's progression from Slovenian visitor to US citizen, noting dates that place... More »

Rare 'Dragon' Babies Hatch in Slovenian Cave

It's a' rare opportunity for science'

(Newser) - After keeping a constant eye on a clutch of eggs from a rare, subterranean salamander, biologists at Postojna Cave in Slovenia have their reward. Two baby olms have hatched—something that has never been seen outside of a lab, the Christian Science Monitor reports. It's a "rare opportunity... More »

Tesla CEO: We'll Investigate $5 an Hour Labor Claims

Newspaper says foreign workers were brought in on the cheap

(Newser) - An article in Sunday's San Jose Mercury News exposed a troubling narrative about Tesla's plant in Fremont, Calif., claiming that about 140 workers from Eastern Europe were imported by a subcontractor to build a paint shop for the Model 3 sedan—for $5 an hour. Per the Guardian ... More »

Scientists Await Rare 'Dragon' Birth in Slovenia

3 olm eggs show promise in Postojna Cave

(Newser) - When humans in the 15th century encountered olms—rare amphibians that have been roaming Earth's caves for 200 million years—they thought they were baby dragons. Today we know little more about the blind creatures than our ancestors did. Olms inhabit the cave rivers of the Balkans, grow up... More »

'Unicorn Deer' Found on 2 Continents

Hunters shoot unusual creatures in Slovenia, Washington state

(Newser) - You can start believing in magic again, because not only are fanged deer real, it turns out unicorns are, too. Well, sort of. In August, a hunter shot an elderly roe deer bearing a single, centered antler in the forests of Slovenia, reports National Geographic . It's not uncommon to... More »

US-Slovenia Spotlight Shines on Ref

Koman Coulibaly of Mali stirs controversy by nullifying late goal

(Newser) - The most famous person in American soccer today isn't an American or a soccer player: He's Koman Coulibaly, a World Cup referee from Mali. In today's US-Slovenia match , a 2-2 draw, Coulibaly awarded a free kick on an obvious dive, then negated a goal that would have given the Americans... More »

US Battles Back to Tie Slovenia 2-2

Americans trailed 2-0 at halftime

(Newser) - The United States rallied from two goals down at halftime to salvage a 2-2 draw with Slovenia today in World Cup Group C play. Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan scored in the second half as the United States denied the Slovenians a win that would have made them the first... More »

Near-Death 'Heavenly Lights' Linked to CO2

Study ties carbon dioxide to eerie visions

(Newser) - That "heavenly" light at the end of the tunnel may have more to do with carbon dioxide than an afterlife, a new study finds. Slovenian researchers studying near-death experiences found that people who reported seeing their life—or light—flash before their eyes had higher levels of CO2 in... More »

Albania, Croatia Join NATO, Will Share Afghan Load

(Newser) - Albania and Croatia both officially joined the NATO alliance today, the BBC reports. The former Yugoslav republics will likely be asked to send troops to bolster NATO’s mission in Afghanistan. Insiders say NATO wanted to celebrate its 60th birthday by welcoming nations from a region recently wracked by bloody... More »

US-EU Summit Eyes New Iran Sanctions

Bush kicks off farewell European tour in Slovenia

(Newser) - President Bush arrived today in Slovenia, which currently holds the EU's rotating presidency, on his last presidential visit to Europe. He met for 2 hours with European leaders at a  US-EU summit, which then issued a statement that member nations would impose new financial sanctions against Iran unless it ends... More »

Eastern Europe: Charm for Less

Prague, Poland among adventurous destinations for thrifty travelers

(Newser) - The ever-pricier euro is sending determined travelers east, past the Eiffel Tower, to overlooked treasures like Prague's Old Town Square. Check out cheaper, Eastern European must-sees as recommended by Forbes:
  1. Peterhof State Museum-Reserve, St. Petersburg, Russia: These palaces and 18th-century gardens rival those of Versailles.
  2. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Plitvice
... More »

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