Interview With a Vampire

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Vampire Novelist Anne Rice Quits Christianity

'Interview With a Vampire' author turned off by church

(Newser) - Novelist Anne Rice has quit Christianity for the second time. The Interview With a Vampire author—who had renewed her Catholic faith in recent years and penned a spiritually-themed memoir—says that while her faith in Christ is still strong, she's been turned off Christianity by the church's attitudes on... More »

Rice Plans Another Vampire Book

Interview author had vowed to concentrate on Christian writing

(Newser) - When atheist and chronicler of the undead Anne Rice embraced Christianity in 2005, she seemed to seal the coffin on her Vampire Chronicles. But she's backtracking on her vow to write only about the Lord and not Lestat. "I have one more book that I would really like to... More »

2 Stories