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Campaign Fling Gives Birth to a Messy New Scandal

Former Trump staffers Jason Miller, AJ Delgado have gone public

(Newser) - Two staffers on the Trump campaign hit it off during a trip to Vegas last fall and voila, the result was a brand-new baby boy born in July. But the details have now gotten messy—and very public. Page Six reports that the tale involves Jason Miller, who served as... More »

Man at Center of Quiz Show Scandal in '50s Dies at 95

Producer Albert Freedman helped Charles Van Doren win on NBC's 'Twenty-One'

(Newser) - It was a story made famous for younger generations via the 1994 Ralph Fiennes movie Quiz Show , and now one of the central characters in the 1950s scandal is gone. The New York Times reports that Albert Freedman, once a producer on NBC's popular Twenty-One program, died on April... More »

2 Nobel Judges Fired as 'Biggest Scandal' Roils Sweden

Entire board at Karolinska Institute dismissed over disgraced surgeon

(Newser) - The medical university that awards the Nobel Prize for Medicine was rocked this week after an investigation presented Monday showed negligence in the hiring and handling of a now-disgraced stem-cell surgeon, Reuters and the Independent report. Dr. Paolo Macchiarini was fired from the Karolinska Institute in March after it emerged... More »

Patriots' Belichick: I'm 'Shocked' by DeflateGate

'I have no explanation for what happened,' Pats coach says about deflated footballs

(Newser) - The hands-on head coach who scrutinizes obscure rules in the NFL handbook to come up with controversial plays said today at a news conference that he never fully knew the process behind inflating footballs and that he is "shocked" and has "no explanation" for how 11 out of... More »

Woman Says She's Tipster Who Destroyed Gary Hart

Dana Weems says she clued in newspaper about presidential candidate's dalliances

(Newser) - More than 25 years ago, Gary Hart's presidential campaign came to a screeching halt after a Miami Herald article investigating his supposed extramarital affairs and a photo of Hart with 29-year-old model Donna Rice sitting on his lap were published. Now, after years of speculation—and refusal by the... More »

Veteran Ignored for 8 Years in Psych Facility

Scathing letter reveals VA gets 25% of government's whistleblower complaints

(Newser) - The VA's Office of the Medical Inspector routinely dismisses the agency's deficiencies as harmless to patients' health—even though that is patently and obviously untrue, according to a new report from the Office of Special Counsel that turned up a host of disturbing new allegations against the VA.... More »

Worker Video: Golden Corral Hides Food by Dumpster

Scandal explodes on Reddit

(Newser) - Food chains around the country must rue the day someone decided to add cameras to phones. Golden Corral is the latest to have its dirty ground beef aired online, as Reddit exploded this morning in reaction to a video from one employee showing all manner of meat camped out near... More »

Rutgers Knew All About Coach Rice's Abusive Tactics

An internal report chronicled complaints by players

(Newser) - Rutgers officials knew about Mike Rice's bad behavior well before seeing it on video last year—but may have kept quiet so as not to tarnish the university's image, the New York Times reports. The school even commissioned a report by outside lawyers that chronicled complaints by Rutgers... More »

Soccer Infiltrated by Organized Crime

Investigation casts doubt on 680 matches

(Newser) - Is soccer completely rigged? You'd be forgiven for thinking that, in light of a Europol investigation released today that identifies 680 matches authorities suspect were fixed for gambling purposes. The alleged culprit: an Asia-based organized crime syndicate. Authorities suspect at least 425 people, including players and both match and... More »

Panetta Calls Karzai Over Marines' Video

Two of the four servicemen have been identified

(Newser) - The US went into full damage control mode today over a video that surfaced yesterday that appeared to show four Marines urinating on Taliban fighters' corpses . Leon Panetta called Hamid Karzai to decry the video, and he issued a statement calling the actions "entirely inappropriate," the Wall Street ... More »

See Ya, Herman: It 'Was Fun While It Lasted'

Cain was just a 'passing fancy' anyway: Maureen Dowd

(Newser) - Herman Cain seems to have gotten lost in a "verbal corn maze" trying to talk his way out of these sex-harassment allegations, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times . (What's the real-world distinction between an "agreement" and a "settlement" again?) Sorry, Cain believers, he's... More »

NYPD Cops Turn Selves In on Ticket-Fixing Charges

Crowd of fellow officers show up to support them

(Newser) - Fifteen NYPD cops turned themselves in to face corruption charges at around midnight today, as a crowd of around 100 fellow officers gathered to scream their support for them—and heap abuse on the Internal Affairs detectives bringing them down, the New York Post reports. A 16th cop was arrested... More »

Catholics Stole 300K Babies From Mothers

Secret network sold kids to more devout couples

(Newser) - A secret network of priests, nuns, and doctors have stolen up to 300,000 babies from mothers in Spain and sold them to other parents, a BBC documentary shows. Their scheme: Tell the mother her baby died in childbirth, and sell the newborn to a more devout and wealthy couple.... More »

Obama's 'Scandal-Free' Streak Sets Record

Because Solyndra doesn't count ... yet

(Newser) - Yesterday Barack Obama officially broke George W. Bush’s record for the longest scandal-free streak by a president in the post-Watergate era—at least by one political scientist’s criteria. Dartmouth professor Brendan Nyhan ran a study earlier this year on presidential scandals, which he defines as "widespread elite... More »

Weiner's Bathroom Grosses Out New Lawmaker

Leftover toothbrush sparks thorough cleaning

(Newser) - The office of scandalous sexter Anthony Weiner needs to be sanitized—literally. Newly elected congressman Rob Turner's family was horrified to find the former House member's toothbrush in his old office bathroom, and ordered a thorough cleaning. “Weiner left his toothbrush behind! It literally says ‘Anthony’... More »

Dear Weiners Everywhere: It Gets Better

Someone else with the last name Weiner tries to cheer Anthony up

(Newser) - It ain’t easy having the last name Weiner. That’s a point Anthony Weiner has made repeatedly in recent days, saying his name had obviously inspired the prankster who sent that infamous twitter photo . “I don’t know whether that photo has anything to do with your genitals—... More »

Glee Pics Pathetic, Not Pedophilic

The girls look blank-eyed and childish - is that sexy?

(Newser) - The parents group that blasted the Glee GQ cover shoot missed the point: The provocative pictorial isn't pedophilic ... it's "depressing" and "disheartening," writes Linda Holmes for NPR . Lea Michele and Dianna Argon are adult woman, and they don't magically morph into children, even if they play high... More »

New Zealand Lawmaker Stole Dead Baby's Identity

David Garrett resigns from party in disgrace

(Newser) - New Zealand lawmaker David Garrett resigned from his party today, two days after revealing that he’d once used a dead baby’s identity to obtain a passport. Garrett pulled off the scam in 1984, after reading how in a thriller novel. He trolled a graveyard looking for someone with... More »

Stop Making Scandals Out of Molehills

Who cares about a little plagiarism, hazing, or porn writing?

(Newser) - Politicians seem to be magnets for silly scandals these days. Take Scott McInnis. He was paid $300,000 to write an essay series about water rights, and plagiarized most of it. For this, Colorado Republicans turned on him, supporting Dan Maes, a guy who claimed that Denver’s bicycle promotion... More »

Republicans Scolded for Partying With Lady Lobbyists

Boehner tells off Hunter, Graves, Terry, others

(Newser) - John Boehner has warned several Republican congressmen to stop flirting, dining, partying, and otherwise hanging out with female lobbyists. Boehner told the reps to “knock it off,” sources tell the New York Post , which dutifully tracked down the perpetrators. It caught Lee Terry, for example, chatting up an... More »

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