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North Korea Warns It May Retaliate

Because US cut food aid, all deals are off, says Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea says it may retaliate after its failed rocket test prompted the US to cut off food aid . Pyongyang holds that the launch was peaceful, and that Washington's move invalidated a deal requiring the North to halt nuclear and missile tests. "We have thus become able to... More »

Search for North Korea MIAs Over Before It Began

$5.7M search for soldier remains was just days from restarting

(Newser) - A program to recover the remains of the 5,500 American soldiers missing in North Korea from the Korean War has been shut down again, just two weeks after being announced , due to renewed tensions over North Korea's planned satellite launch , reports the New York Times . The US was... More »

To Help Third World, Send Cash, Not Stuff

Developing world doesn't need our cast-offs: Charles Kenny

(Newser) - The common practice of sending hand-me-downs or excess merchandise to developing countries seems like a good idea—after all, if the NFL can’t sell all those “Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl XLV Champions” shirts, what’s wrong with sending them to Zambia? The problem is, Zambians don’t need... More »

North Korea to Release American

News of Eddie Jun comes as Pyongyang seeks new food aid

(Newser) - North Korea is set to release an American held since last November, state media reported after a US diplomat visited Pyongyang. The American envoy for human rights in North Korea, Robert King, headed to the country to examine its request that the US resume food aid, which Pyongyang halted in... More »

Why I Joined the Budget Protest Fast

The GOP budget will directly cause people to go hungry

(Newser) - More than 4,000 people are fasting in protest of the GOP’s proposed budget cuts—and food writer Mark Bittman is one of them. That may seem surprising—“after all, I eat food for a living”—but once he took a good look at the proposed cuts,... More »

Hunger Activists Starve to Protest GOP Budget Cuts

Cuts come 'on backs of poor, hungry,' say strikers

(Newser) - With the GOP salivating over budget cuts, a group of religious leaders and anti-hunger activists are going on a hunger strike in response to measures they say go too far. “The budget is a moral document,” said former Rep. Tony Hall, the head of the Alliance to End... More »

North Korea Begs West for Food

But US, others, not so sure that's a great idea

(Newser) - North Korea is so hungry that it has, for the moment at least, abandoned its trademark bluster and started begging foreign governments for food, the Washington Post reports. But the US, which was the largest provider of food aid to North Korea until it shut off shipments two years ago,... More »

South Korea Sends Food to North

Government offers humanitarian aid for first time in years

(Newser) - For the first time since early 2008, the South Korean government today sent food aid to North Korea in what some see as a big step toward easing tensions between the two countries. Freighters carrying 5,000 tons of rice and 3 million cups of instant noodles are expected to... More »

Famine Fear Returns to Ethiopia

(Newser) - Almost 25 years after Live Aid aimed to eradicate famine in Ethiopia, the country is facing new threats of malnutrition and mass starvation, the Independent reports. Ethiopia's erratic rains are the main culprit, failing to fall or coming too little too late, while recession-minded donors in wealthy nations are also... More »

G8 Pledges $20B for Farmers in Poor Countries

In pushing for funds, Obama cites father's experience

(Newser) - On the last day of a G8 summit stymied on climate change and trade, leaders have pledged $20 billion to farms in poor countries in the fight hunger, Reuters reports. Some $3.5 billion will come from the US, which wants to focus on farm aid instead of food aid.... More »

Somali Pirates Release Togo Ship, Score $100K Ransom

Tanker was to deliver food aid to Somalia

(Newser) - Somali pirates have released a Togo-flagged cargo ship that was to deliver food aid to their own country, the BBC reports, but only after securing a ransom rumored to be $100,000. “Somali traders were involved in the release,” a pirate source told Reuters. They paid “not... More »

Somalia Piracy Hampers Food Aid: UN

Danger of hijacking has raised costs dramatically, WFP official says

(Newser) - Piracy off the coast of Somalia is making relief organizations' work even more difficult, Reuters reports. The UN’s World Food Program  today decried both the hijacking of ships bearing aid supplies—the Maersk Alabama, for example, had 232 WFP containers on board when it was seized this week—and... More »

As Darfur Starves, Sudan Exports Staples

Exports crops to rich nations, still gets aid

(Newser) - As the UN trucks in food to millions of starving people in Darfur, Sudan is exporting important staple crops to other nations, the New York Times reports. Critics charge the government profits on big agribusiness while receiving more free food in aid than any other nation in the world. But... More »

Zimbabwe Seizes Food Aid for Children

20 tons were distributed to Mugabe supporters instead

(Newser) - Authorities in Zimbabwe seized a truck containing 20 tons of American food aid intended for poor schoolchildren, the New York Times reports, and distributed the wheat and beans instead to supporters of Robert Mugabe at a political rally. After last week's suspension of all humanitarian aid, the seizure of the... More »

Food vs. Fuel Battle Flares at UN Summit

Egypt's Mubarak asks, should we be feeding people or cars?

(Newser) - The battle over biofuels is raging at the UN’s food summit in Rome, with nations bitterly divided over whether growing corn and sugar cane for ethanol production is pushing food prices up and helping create disastrous global food shortages. On one side: Food experts who call diversion of crops... More »

Leaders Rip Mugabe's 'Obscene' Trip to Food Talks

President accused of presiding over starvation of his nation

(Newser) - British and Australian ministers have blasted Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's attendance at a world food summit in Rome, charging him with turning his nation from the breadbasket of Africa into a country plagued by food shortages, reports the BBC. They also criticized him for using food aid given to ZImbabwe... More »

Burma Relief Effort Belies Need

Junta props up success stories but ignores thousands out of spotlight

(Newser) - Burma's junta would have one believe it's got the situation under control in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, and even has a test-case diorama as evidence for foreign envoys, the Times of London reports. Sinkan refugee camp hosts 180 well-fed, healthy inhabitants in clean blue tents—while 10 minutes down... More »

UN Resumes Food Aid to Burma

Agency bristles at junta's intervention

(Newser) - The UN World Food Program reversed its decision to cut off food shipments to cyclone-stricken Burma, Reuters reports. The WFP had stopped the flow of aid this morning after the junta confiscated a two-plane food shipment. Nonetheless, "discussions continue with the government of Myanmar on the distribution of the... More »

North Korea Hands Nuclear Docs to US

Move may show improved relations between the countries

(Newser) - Seeming to move closer to US demands for information, North Korea handed key documents on its nuclear weapons program to an American diplomat today, the AP reports. The records provide information on the North’s silenced plutonium reactor, and would allow American officials to fact-check a still-awaited summary of the... More »

Bush: $770M Needed For Food Aid

Congress must approve money, part of a larger Iraq funding measure

(Newser) - Amid rising food prices and overtaxed international reserves, President Bush proposed a new $770 million aid package today, Reuters reports. The money is part of a supplemental $70 billion measure that also includes Iraq war funding and would require a vote in Congress. More »

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