Vivienne Westwood

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Vivienne Westwood Has Harsh Words for Kate

Designer slams her eye makeup, for one...

(Newser) - Kate Middleton is a style icon, right? Wrong, says fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. The Duchess of Cambridge projects the image of an "ordinary woman," not the "extraordinary woman" she should be, Westwood complains to Britain's Sunday Times Magazine in an interview picked up by Australia's... More »

How Skulls Took Over Fashion

Once scary, now stylish, skulls are trendy—and not just at Halloween

(Newser) - Skulls, once seen as sinister symbols, are now used on everything from children's shirts to underwear. Sara Dickerman of Slate takes a look at how the trend developed:
  • In the 16th century, artists like Albrecht Dürer were still using skulls to remind people of their mortality.
  • French pirate Emanuel
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Fashion Icon Enlists Kiddies

Designer Westwood collaborates with 7-year-olds for Paris show

(Newser) - Children proved the future indeed for Vivienne Westwood at this year's Paris Fashion Week, with the British designer enlisting three dozen 7-year-olds to help with her latest collection. The British schoolkids painted bugs, plants, and snakes on Westwood’s eco-minded show "Chaos Point," which took to the runway... More »

3 Stories