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How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

As much as a strawberry ... or just one grain of sand

(Newser) - How much does the Internet weigh? No, it's not a Zen koan. The answer is about 1.8 ounces, around the same as a single strawberry, reports the Telegraph . How did anyone figure this out? Well, the Internet runs on electricity, and electrons have a tiny amount of weight—... More »

Electrons: Nearly Perfect Spheres

New research can help us understand antimatter, scientists say

(Newser) - What is the most round natural object in the universe? Quite possibly the electron, new research finds. London scientists have taken the most accurate measurement to date of the subatomic particle’s shape, and discovered that it is a nearly perfect sphere. It’s off by only 0.000000000000000000000000001cm, meaning... More »

Saturn Moon Rings Detected

Rhea could be be the first known moon with rings

(Newser) - Saturn’s second-largest moon, Rhea, could be the first known moon with rings. The spacecraft Cassini detected apparent evidence of rings when it spotted debris around Rhea as it flew by in 2005, reports space.com. The set of rings has not been directly seen, but scientists inferred that the... More »

Move Over, Heisenberg: Electron Caught on Film

Elusive negative charge stars in Swedish researchers' breakthrough video

(Newser) - Electrons are tiny, fast, and, until recently, impossible to capture on film. But a short, super-slow-mo video offers the first direct look at the wily subatomic particle. Coaxing the reclusive electron into the limelight took major maneuvering by Swedish scientists, LiveScience reports. The paparazzi of physicists caught the negative particle... More »

4 Stories