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'Strong' Thieves Steal Museum's Viking Jewels

Thieves 'used a lot of strength' to remove a first-floor window of Swedish museum

(Newser) - A forensic unit has descended on a Swedish archaeological museum after thieves managed to steal an array of Viking artifacts—including precious jewelry—early today. "The thieves got in through a window on the first floor which they used a lot of strength to remove and which subsequently broke,... More »

Move Over, Heisenberg: Electron Caught on Film

Elusive negative charge stars in Swedish researchers' breakthrough video

(Newser) - Electrons are tiny, fast, and, until recently, impossible to capture on film. But a short, super-slow-mo video offers the first direct look at the wily subatomic particle. Coaxing the reclusive electron into the limelight took major maneuvering by Swedish scientists, LiveScience reports. The paparazzi of physicists caught the negative particle... More »

2 Stories