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Apple's Design Guru Gets a Promotion

Jony Ive will oversee design of new campus, retail stores

(Newser) - The man Steve Jobs once called his "spiritual partner" at Apple is moving up the company ladder again. Jony Ive, the longtime senior VP of design, has been promoted to chief design officer, a position that will have Ive overseeing not only Apple's hardware and software units, but... More »

Apple Watches Sell Out in 6 Hours

Pre-orders run into high demand, low supply, or both

(Newser) - Apple seems to have a popular gizmo on its hands with the Apple Watch. Though it doesn't officially go on sale until April 24, customers could order the watch online in advance starting this morning. After just six hours, delivery dates had been pushed back to June for all... More »

Cable-Free HBO Available for Apple Customers

Cablevision also in on 'HBO Now' streaming for $15 a month

(Newser) - It's another win for cord-cutters, but in this case they'll still need some ties to Apple or Cablevision. Customers of either company now have access to HBO Now, a stand-alone streaming service that offers HBO content for $15 a month, reports the Wall Street Journal . Those who sign... More »

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Smartwatch—Yet

They're about to get way better: Christopher Mims

(Newser) - We all know the frustration of spending heavily on a gadget only to see it become obsolete within what seems like minutes. And you might want to keep that in mind with the arrival of the Apple Watch this month, writes Christopher Mims in the Wall Street Journal . "Anyone... More »

Tim Cook Slams 'Dangerous' Indiana Law

Apple will stand up against discrimination, he says

(Newser) - Laws like the recently passed Indiana one allowing businesses to refuse gay customers on the grounds of religious freedom are bad for business and bad for America, Tim Cook warns. In a Washington Post op-ed, the Apple CEO says a "very dangerous" wave of legislation in more than two... More »

Think You Know the Apple Logo? Think Again

In a study, 84 of 85 people couldn't draw it from memory

(Newser) - You may be reading this story on your iPhone, but if you were asked to draw the Apple logo from memory, there's a good chance you couldn't. That's what UCLA psychologists found to be the case after asking 85 undergrads to do that very task; 52 of... More »

Apple to Launch Online TV This Fall

It will include around 25 channels, sources say

(Newser) - After years of rumors and false starts, Apple is finally going to launch an online TV service this fall, according to the Wall Street Journal , which cites "people familiar with the matter." The Journal's sources say Apple is in talks to provide a bundle of around 25... More »

Tim Cook Offered Steve Jobs Part of His Liver

But Jobs staunchly refused: new book

(Newser) - As Steve Jobs got sicker, in need of a liver transplant, the man who would replace him at Apple—Tim Cook—offered up part of his own liver. The story comes via Fast Company 's excerpt of Becoming Steve Jobs , a biography by Brent Schlender and Fast Company Executive... More »

Shame on You, Apple

Robinson Meyer writes the Apple Watch is a status symbol for an 'aloof elite'

(Newser) - Yesterday's Apple event included big revelations about the Apple Watch , not the least of which is that the most expensive model will start at $10,000. And that's a shame, writes Robinson Meyer at the Atlantic . Considering that Apple has catered to "misfits and rebels" for much... More »

Here's the Scoop on Apple Watch

Watches start shipping April 24

(Newser) - Today's highly anticipated Apple event started with news of a partnership with HBO and updates on the iPhone and Mac computers ("Can you even see it? I can't even feel it!" Tim Cook exclaimed while holding Apple's latest Macbook laptop, which weighs just two pounds).... More »

At Apple Event, Some News From HBO

HBO partnering with Apple for 'HBO Now'

(Newser) - Today's Apple event started off with a bang—but not with an Apple Watch-related bang . First up (after Apple CEO Tim Cook, of course) was HBO CEO Richard Plepler, who announced that HBO is finally launching a stand-alone streaming service with Apple as its "exclusive partner-at-large." The... More »

Your Apple Watch Questions Will Be Answered Today

Set your watch for 1pm ET

(Newser) - The past week's Apple Watch buzz fell largely into the "it'll flop" and "we're disinterested" categories. Apple will do its best to reverse the sentiment with a 1pm ET press event today, which you can live-stream here (note: Safari 5.1.10 is apparently required).... More »

Apple Watch Is Doomed to Fail

It's a Newton, not an iPod, Mark Wilson says

(Newser) - With Apple set to announce new details on the Apple Watch , including a release date, Mark Wilson at Fast Company says he has the courage to say what a lot of people are thinking: The watch is going to be a big flop. The device has more in common with... More »

Apple Accused of Poaching Electric-Battery Engineers

It's another sign the company is trying to build a car

(Newser) - The big rumor in Silicon Valley is that Apple is trying to build an electric car . And while the company isn't confirming, a new lawsuit sure seems to support the idea. Reuters reports that a company named A123 Systems is suing Apple for poaching its engineers. And what does... More »

Is Apple Secretly Working on an Electric Car?

Wall Street Journal says several hundred people are on the project

(Newser) - Might a Google self-driving car someday slam into an Apple electric car on the highway? It seems so: The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has "several hundred" employees working on a secret project to build an electric car. The story makes clear that the so-called "Project Titan"... More »

Obama to Tech World: Share Your Cyberthreats With Us

But Facebook, Yahoo, Google CEOs won't attend today's cybersecurity summit

(Newser) - In the wake of the Sony hack , President Obama will be speaking at a cybersecurity summit at Stanford University today, where he plans to sign an executive order calling for companies to share cyberthreats, both with the government and each other. But the CEOs of at least three major Silicon... More »

Apple Does U-Turn on Marijuana App

Social app will be allowed in states with legal weed

(Newser) - Apple appears to have decided that it doesn't make a lot of sense for the company to be tougher on marijuana apps than 23 state governments are on marijuana. Isaac Dietrich, co-founder of pot-themed social network MassRoots, tells the San Francisco Chronicle that Apple has decided to allow his... More »

Apple Milestone: First $700B Company

It's nearly double the nearest follower

(Newser) - Apple notched another corporate milestone today: It became the first company in US history to end the trading day with a value above $700 billion, reports MarketWatch . Specifically, shares closed at $122.02 to put Apple's market value at $710.8 billion. For perspective, the Wall Street Journal ticks... More »

Mystery Car Drives 'Apple Street View' Rumors

Or could it be a self-driving car?

(Newser) - A minivan driving around San Francisco has fueled speculation that Apple may be creating its own "street view" for Apple Maps, the Guardian reports. Spotted by the Claycord News & Talk blog, the van had 12 cameras mounted along with a lidar sensor, which uses a spinning laser to... More »

Apple Breaks Corporate Profit Record

Net quarterly profit of $18B tops Gazprom's $16.2B in 2011

(Newser) - Apple had another blowout quarter thanks to its new plus-sized iPhones, which helped the company smash sales records for the holiday season. Apple said today that net income rose 38% to $18 billion, which beat Gazprom's $16.2 billion profit for the first quarter of 2011—the previous corporate... More »

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