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Dems Have Uncertain Path Ahead

Much depends on Clinton, who seems resolved to defeat

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton made a very public point of keeping her options open—with Harold Ickes angrily reserving the campaign's right to appeal today's delegate decision—but she seems increasingly resolved to defeat, the New York Times reports. Instead of taking the fight to the convention, close associates think she'll drop... More »

Hillary's Superdelegate Hunter Holds Firm

Ickes is determined to win nomination for Clinton

(Newser) - You can thank or blame one Democrat for the rise of superdelegates and demise of the party's winner-take-all primaries—but strategist Harold Ickes, who negotiated the primary system 20 years ago, is likely too busy to hear you. He's calling up superdelegates for Hillary Clinton, and using such a nasty... More »

Clinton Aides Melt Down in Front of Press

Ex-frontrunner's staff scrambles to spin as strategies fall flat

(Newser) - With many top Washington reporters in attendance, two senior Hillary Clinton advisors tried to make their candidate’s case yesterday—and instead “severed all ties with reality” in a “flailing, a lashing-out,” Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank writes. The session, he says, "explained everything about the... More »

3 Stories