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That Grated Parm on Your Pasta May Be 9% Wood

Bloomberg tests find some Parmesan cheese contains zero Parmesan

(Newser) - "Your Parmesan cheese products do not contain any Parmesan cheese" is not a letter you want to get from the Food and Drug Administration if you're a company that manufactures Parmesan cheese products. But that's exactly what a 2013 letter from the FDA to Pennsylvania's Castle... More »

Italy Bails Out Parmesan Makers

Government spending $64M to save storied cheese industry

(Newser) - While the US bails out the auto industry, Italy is spending $64 million to save the makers of other wheels: parmesan cheese. Producers of the popular pasta topping have struggled for years to turn a profit, despite strong national and regional appetites. “It’s a tragic situation,” one... More »

Only Italians Can Call It Parmesan

EU's high court rules against German cheese makers

(Newser) - Europe's high court ruled today that only Italians can call their cheese Parmesan, Bloomberg reports. The judges shot down an argument by German cheese-makers that the term is generic. "This is absolutely wonderful news," said the author of an Italian cheese guide. "There is no more risk... More »

3 Stories