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CBC Head: If Obama Were White...

We'd 'probably be marching on the White House'

(Newser) - Rep. Emanuel Cleaver has already made it abundantly clear that he’s not the biggest fan of some of President Obama’s policies, and the Congressional Black Caucus chairman isn’t done talking. Angry over the nearly 17% unemployment rate in the African-American community, Cleaver says, "If Bill Clinton... More »

Wash Down 'Satan Sandwich' With 'Demon Drink'

Emanuel Cleaver breaks down his colorful remark

(Newser) - Emanuel Cleaver made quite a stir the other day when he called the debt ceiling deal a “ sugar-coated Satan sandwich ,” but he’s sticking by the remark—and even elaborating on it. In an interview this morning on Morning Joe, the host playfully asked what was in the... More »

Black Caucus Chair Calls Debt Deal a 'Satan Sandwich'

Progressive and black caucuses to oppose bill

(Newser) - Liberals are just a wee bit unhappy with the deal President Obama struck to increase the debt ceiling. The Progressive Caucus and the Black Caucus will hold a press conference today to announce their opposition to the deal, Raw Story reports. Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver delivered the real money... More »

Dems' Reaction to Angry Right Is Ridiculous

Left is exaggerating, exploiting tensions, writes Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - People like the Alabama militia leader who advocated breaking the windows of Democratic politicians are "wrong, reprehensible and clownish," but the Democratic reaction is just as bad, writes Jonah Goldberg. Some overheated commentators have gone so far as to draw parallels between that incident and Kristallnacht when there's... More »

Clinton's Black Superdelegates Under Pressure

Congressman calls on Obama to refute 'ugly' racial smears

(Newser) - The heat on Hillary Clinton’s black superdelegates is rising, and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver has called on Barack Obama to speak out against “ugly" pressure from his supporters. The Missouri congressman said Clinton’s African-American backers are being "bludgeoned verbally" and told, “You’re not black if... More »

Hillary Superdelegates Hold Firm

Dem leaders worried insiders could snatch nomination from popular vote

(Newser) - House Democrats who support Hillary Clinton appear to be rejecting calls to switch their support to Barack Obama if circumstances give the super delegates the deciding votes, the Hill reports. Despite charges that it would be anti-democratic to defy voters in their home states, many who talked to the Hill ... More »

Clinton's Black Allies Defecting

John Lewis may switch vote; another House member already has

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is starting to lose the support of prominent black leaders—and superdelegates— who previously backed her. Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat who carries great influence in Congress, says he's now tilting toward Barack Obama. Another Georgia Democrat, David Scott, already switched, the AP reports. “Something is... More »

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