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Showbiz Bear Kills Trainer

Bear in Will Ferrell movie bites trainer's neck

(Newser) - A grizzly bear used in movies attacked and killed its trainer yesterday in California, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 700-pound bear, which appeared in a recent Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro, lunged at the 39-year-old man and bit him in the neck. Staff at the animal training center managed to... More »

10,000 BC Clobbers Competition

College Road Trip pulls into second place

(Newser) - Action epic 10,000 BC fought its way to the top of the box office this weekend, grabbing Warner Bros. $35.7 million, Bloomberg reports. The chronicle of a hunter facing massive beasts clambered over another new release, College Road Trip, a family film which took $14 million, as well... More »

Semi-Pro Not Even Semi-Funny

Ferrell's basketball comedy has critics crying foul

(Newser) - Semi-Pro, a comedy set in 1976 that stars Will Ferrell as the owner/coach of and player for a losing professional basketball team, is the cinematic equivalent of an air ball, say critics, who call the film erratic, repetitive, and dull. "If you're on the prowl for a Ferrell yuk-fest,... More »

'Jackie Moon' Plugs Old Spice

Jocular tie-in to Will Ferrell character to revamp brand

(Newser) - In its latest move to shed its image as a '70s relic, Old Spice has hired a '70s relic as its spokesman: the Afro-ed, headband-sporting basketball player Jackie Moon. Old Spice hopes Moon, a Will Ferrell character starring in the upcoming Semi-Pro, will attract the coveted young male demographic with... More »

4 Stories