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Marinating Meat With Beer Is Good for You

Study reveals that it reduces carcinogen production

(Newser) - If you're like us at this time of year, you're craving some warm spring days, some barbecue, and some beer. Well, now a team of European chemists has discovered that those last two things are even better together than you thought. Normally meat grilled at high temperatures produces... More »

Guy Replaces Food With Beer for Lent

Canadian Chris Schryer is surviving on a special brew

(Newser) - It's 40 days and 40 nights of ... beer? A Canadian man is giving it a shot for Lent, reports the National Post . Chris Schryer, 33, has sworn off solid food in favor of a calorie-laden brew called dopplebock. Time notes that he is supplementing a bit with water, juice,... More »

At Heart of Brewery's Trademark Attempt: Nitrogen

Colorado's Left Hand Brewing wants to trademark the term 'nitro'

(Newser) - Yet another craft beer trademark case is making headlines: Colorado's Left Hand Brewing is attempting to trademark the term "nitro"—as in, nitrogen. The Longmont company is thus far the only US brewer to bottle with nitrogen as opposed to carbon dioxide, something it says it achieved... More »

NYC St. Paddy's Parade Gets Dumped—by Guinness

And de Blasio, adding to ruckus over ban on gay groups

(Newser) - First Sam Adams and Heineken quit sponsoring St. Patrick's Day parades in Boston and New York City; now Guinness is joining in protest of a ban on gay activist groups marching in the celebrations, Reuters reports. "Guinness has a strong history of supporting diversity and being an advocate... More »

Beer: the New Sports Drink?

Canadian firm preps post-workout ale

(Newser) - Are beer cans the new water bottles? A Canadian company is hoping so. Vampt's Lean Machine "recovery ale" is reportedly full of nutrients, electrolytes, and protein—and it's got just 77 calories. For those hoping to get buzzed after their workout, however, a warning: It's also... More »

How Long It Takes to Earn a Beer on Minimum Wage

15 hours in country of Georgia; 12 minutes in Puerto Rico

(Newser) - For a minimum-wage worker in Bangladesh, grabbing a cold one after work amounts to a serious investment. To afford a beer, that employee must toil for 13.4 hours, according to an analysis by Quartz . The report compares the price of a half-liter of beer in a country's bars... More »

Miller Wants You to Drink Beer in a Rocks Glass

'Miller Fortune' designed to compete with spirits for young drinkers

(Newser) - The big beer brands have been bleeding market share to spirits and craft beers lately, but MillerCoors thinks its latest offering can staunch that wound. It's called Miller Fortune, and it'll debut over the next two months with the quickest and broadest distribution plan of any beer since... More »

US Gets a Taste of Monk-Brewed Beer

Massachusetts abbey becomes first Trappist brewery outside of Europe

(Newser) - American monks are done letting their European counterparts have all the brewing fun. For more than a century, Catholic Cistercian monks known as Trappists have been brewing and selling what many beer lovers consider some of the best in the world. Eight monasteries—six in Belgium and one each in... More »

Texas Firefighter Puts Out Blaze ... With Beer

After extinguisher didn't work, he went to Plan B

(Newser) - An off-duty Houston firefighter made the best of his resources when trying to put out a truck tire fire: He used beer the rig was hauling. Fire Capt. Craig Moreau and his wife were driving home Monday night after a trip to Austin when they came upon an 18-wheeler on... More »

Guy Tries to Trade Alligator for Beer

Needless to say, his plan doesn't work

(Newser) - So you need beer but you have no cash ... what do you do? Well, Florida wildlife officials say a man tried to trade a live alligator for beer at a Miami convenience store last Tuesday. A State Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman says the man received a citation for... More »

Red Stripe Slammed Over New Fruity Beer

Red Stripe Burst being marketed to those under 24

(Newser) - Jamaican beer maker Red Stripe's latest concoction is a fruity beer whose goal, according to the company, is "recruitment-driven": The company is hoping to win over 18- to 24-year-olds (18-year-olds can legally drink in Jamaica, Jezebel notes). Activist group Alcohol Justice wants to keep the raspberry-flavored Burst from... More »

New Beer Is Stronger Than Vodka

At 67.5% ABV, brewers claim it's the strongest in the world

(Newser) - Forget knocking back a few cold ones—any more than one of these brews and you'd be out cold. A Scottish brewery has released a new beer it claims is the "world's strongest," the Daily Record reports, and at a whopping 67.5% ABV, it probably... More »

Man Braves House Fire to Rescue ... His Beer

Later, he admits this was not a good idea

(Newser) - In the what-definitely-not-to-do-when-your-house-is-on-fire department: Rush back in to save your beer. That's what Walter Serpit of Columbus, Ga., tells WTVM he did when the flames came.
  • "I told them to get the kids out and everything, and me myself, being an alcoholic, I was trying to get my
... More »

Sixth-Grader Creates Microbrewery for Space Station

Science project picked for high-flying honor

(Newser) - A Colorado 11-year-old is boldly going where no sixth-grader has ever gone before. He’s building a microbrewery for the International Space Station—you know, for science. Michal Bodzianowski's project, which explores the medicinal properties of the drink, is set to blast off in December. Newsy reports: More »

Weird Ailment Makes Guy Drunk—Without Drinking

Blame the yeast in his gut: NPR

(Newser) - Is it possible to get drunk without drinking a drop of alcohol? Yes, it turns out, thanks to a rare and bizarre ailment newly dubbed "auto-brewery syndrome." As NPR explains, the case involved a Texas man who would get drunk at random times while swearing up and down... More »

Why We Need to Jack the Bottle Deposit

Figure hasn't nearly increased with inflation

(Newser) - The goals of health advocates and environmental activists don't always mesh, notes Daniel Engber at Slate : For instance, while health experts would tell you to go for smaller soda bottles to prevent downing too much, eco-warriors would prefer you to buy bigger bottles and save packaging. But Engber has... More »

Guy Charged With Killing Friend Over Beer Money

Gumaro Torres allegedly shot multiple people in argument

(Newser) - A summer evening spent drinking in the yard turned fatal Friday night—and all over beer money. Gumaro Torres is accused of murdering one friend and wounding another in the dispute. As the Tribune reports, the 31-year-old was drinking beer with co-workers in the yard of a Chicago home. The... More »

Cheap American Beers, From 'Worst' to 'Least Worst'

Deadspin ranks 36 inexpensive US brews

(Newser) - Sometimes there's nothing better than a cold beer—and a cheap one at that. But according to Will Gordon at Deadspin —who ranked 36 cheap American beers "from worst to least-worst"—plenty of US brews are better poured down the drain than your actual throat. Where... More »

America's Biggest Brewery Now Produces No Garbage

MillerCoors' Golden, Colo., facility no longer trucks 135 tons a month to landfill

(Newser) - MillerCoors' Golden, Colo., facility has some pretty massive numbers attached to it: It clocks in at 9 million square feet, can produce 22 million barrels of beer a year (that's the equivalent of about 5.5 billion pints), and once generated 135 tons of garbage a month. That last... More »

Ancient Beer Painstakingly Recreated ... and It Stinks

Great Lakes Brewing Company teams up with archaeologists

(Newser) - Brewing collaborations are not unusual in the world of craft beer. Micro-brewers often team up with other brewers, food producers ... sometimes even TV shows . But a small number of brewers have also been hooking up with archaeologists to recreate long-forgotten booze recipes. Most recently, Great Lakes Brewing Company in Ohio... More »

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