Michael A. McFaul

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Ex-US Ambassador to Russia Banned From Country

Michael McFaul believes his connection to Obama played a part

(Newser) - Michael McFaul, US ambassador to Moscow from 2012 to 2014, recently applied for a Russian visa in hopes of aiding President-elect Hillary Clinton in her transition. This clearly didn't work out so well. But beyond the obvious reason, Reuters reports McFaul discovered he had been banned by Russia from... More »

US Ambassadors to Syria, Russia Both Leaving

Robert Ford, Michael McFaul will be gone by the end of the month

(Newser) - By the end of the month, the Obama administration will have lost its top diplomats in two of its most important posts. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul both announced their impending resignations today, the AP reports . Here's what you should know about each: More »

Russia Launches Twitter War on US Ambassador

Twitterverse battle does little damage

(Newser) - Russia is unleashing its latest weapon in a standoff with the US: Twitter. A barrage of critical tweets attacked US ambassador Michael McFaul for his "unprofessional" speech to Moscow economic students concerning the two nations. An "ambassador's job is to improve bilateral ties, not to spread blatant... More »

Heir Not Just Putin's Puppet

Medvedev favors Western style and outlook

(Newser) - The man hand picked by Vladimir Putin to be his successor and a virtually certain victor in this Sunday's election has been portrayed in the West as the Russian president's personal puppet. But Dmitri Medvedev, who plans to appoint Putin as his prime minister, may be more independent, reform-minded and... More »

4 Stories