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DuPont Loses Big Lawsuit, Faces 3,499 More

Teflon ingredient contaminated drinking water

(Newser) - Lawsuits over the leaking of a chemical used to make Teflon have been sticking tightly to DuPont, and the company has now lost the first of around 3,500 cases. A federal jury in Ohio found that DuPont's contamination of the Ohio River contributed to plaintiff Carla Bartlett's... More »

Atlantis Crew Finishes Mission

Astronauts complete final spacewalk

(Newser) - Astronauts from the space shuttle Atlantis finished the final spacewalk of their mission at the International Space Station today, clearing the way for their return Wednesday. Astronauts Robert Satcher and Randy Bresnik installed a science experiment that will test how materials, including a new kind of Teflon, hold up to... More »

Attack Teflon Barack, and You'll Be Sorry

Foes offend, apologize; Obama polishes his halo by forgiving

(Newser) - Barack Obama has accepted a lot of apologies this election cycle, and each has made the Democrat stronger, notes Politico writer Ben Smith. From Joe Biden’s “articulate and … clean” gaffe to Bill Cunningham’s attempts to accent his middle name, opponents are always stepping over a line... More »

3 Stories