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Chaffetz: 'No Ulterior Motives' in Backing Out of 2018 Race

Utah Republican, Oversight chair says he's going back to private sector—for now

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, will not run for reelection in Utah in 2018, Politico reports. Chaffetz made the announcement on Facebook Wednesday morning, noting that after "long consultation with my family and prayerful consideration," he'd decided to follow his own advice... More »

Obama's 'Clear Goal' for Getting Americans on Mars

We'll send them by 2030s, per new White House, NASA initiative

(Newser) - President Obama has a Tuesday op-ed on CNN , but he's not writing about Election 2016—or even anything on Earth. Instead, the president announces America's plans for a "giant leap to Mars," with a "clear goal" to get humans to the red planet by the... More »

McChrystal to Teach at Yale

Ex-General eschews defense industry, politics

(Newser) - Stanley McChrystal has landed on his feet, with a new teaching position at Yale. He’ll be heading up a course on leadership at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, alongside such notable names as former US ambassador John Negroponte and former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, Politico reports. Apparently people... More »

Public Employees Enjoy 12% Higher Pay Than Private

(Newser) - Private sector workers would need to put in an extra month and a half of work time in order to receive the same annual compensation as their counterparts on the federal payroll, according to data from a Bureau of Labor Statistics study. Accounting for educational level, experience. race, gender, and... More »

Beck Repeats Shoddy Stats on Obama Cabinet

Claim that only 10% of cabinet had private sector cred debunked

(Newser) - Glenn Beck’s claim that “under 10%” of Barack Obama’s cabinet appointees have “any experience in the private sector” turns out to be a bad statistic pulled from the internet. The tidbit originated in a study from JPMorgan Private Bank CIO Michael Cembalest, PolitiFact reports. Cembalest looked... More »

Democratic Rep. Wexler Will Resign Fla. Seat

48-year-old seeks private-sector paycheck with kids in college

(Newser) - Robert Wexler, a seven-term Democrat from Florida, is set to resign his house seat for a public-policy position. Though some Washington insiders speculate that Wexler, 48, will head the US Agency for International Development, others tell Politico that, with kids in college, Wexler needs an income bigger than a government... More »

Bush Knocks Obama Policies

Says private sector is solution to economic problems

(Newser) - George W. Bush is apparently done holding his tongue. He criticized several of President Obama's major policy issues in a speech yesterday, defending his administration on interrogation, assailing nationalized health care, and saying the private sector, not the government, was key to fixing the economy, the Washington Times reports. “... More »

Leave Washington Alone!

DC is unfair target of attacks, 'good place in which to live'

(Newser) - Politicians can make a career out of promising to “change,” “clean up,” “reform,” and “shake up” Washington. And while the District may not completely be a shining city on a hill, it’s doing just fine, thank you, Leonard Downie writes in a... More »

Iraq Private Sector Stalls, Public Hiring Fills Gap

Economy driven by single employer sparks financial concerns

(Newser) - With private business slow to take root in post-invasion Iraq, the government is picking up the slack by hiring a vast army of employees, the New York Times reports, creating an economy far different from what the US had foreseen. Government jobs will account for about 35% of employment this... More »

Homeland Security Dep't Turns 5

Chertoff reflects on successes, challenges at Homeland Security

(Newser) - With the Department of Homeland Security celebrating its fifth anniversary Saturday, Secretary Michael Chertoff says six attack-free years could tempt the next US administration to make cuts in his agencies, the Christian Science Monitor reports. He said he has a "moral responsibility" to make choices he might not see... More »

World Bank President Touts New Strategy

Zoellick calls for fast funds and alternative energy sources

(Newser) - Robert Zoellick has outlined a new strategy for the World Bank, including giving the private sector a bigger role in development, speeding aid to countries coming out of conflict, and promoting green energy alternatives, Reuters reports. The new president  has been quick to reposition the global bank's mission following the... More »

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