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Researchers Analyze 50 Years of Spanking Studies

It can lead to everything from antisocial behavior to mental illness

(Newser) - Not only is spanking ineffective when it comes to disciplining children, it can actually lead to everything from mental health problems to aggression. That's according to a new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology in which researchers looked at 50 years of prior research on nearly 161,... More »

Pope's Sex Abuse Commission on Spanking Remarks: Um, No

Commission will recommend Francis revise his remarks

(Newser) - Members of Pope Francis' sex abuse commission have criticized his remarks that it is OK for parents to spank their children , saying there is no place for physical discipline and that the commission would be making recommendations to him about protecting kids from corporal punishment. The commission met with its... More »

Pope: OK to Smack Kid, but Avoid Face

Francis speaks frankly on corporal punishment of children

(Newser) - It's OK to spank your child as long as you preserve the child's "dignity" and don't touch the face, according to Pope Francis. "One time, I heard a father say, 'I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face... More »

Florida Cop Supervises Child's Spanking

Father asked officer to watch him paddle girl, 12

(Newser) - Spanking children has been outlawed in dozens of countries, but it's still legal in all 50 states—and in Florida, you can apparently request a police presence. Police in Okeechobee County say father Dale Garcia asked a deputy to stand by and make sure he was obeying the law... More »

It's 'Perfectly Legal' to Beat Your Kids

Mark Joseph Stern on why Adrian Peterson probably won't go to jail

(Newser) - Adrian Peterson has been accused of child abuse , then quickly reinstated , and don't expect him to go to prison, writes Mark Joseph Stern on Slate , because "in much of the United States, beating your own children—even to the point of bodily harm—is perfectly legal." Corporal... More »

Kansas Bill Would Allow Spanking That Leaves Marks

But would still ban hitting with belts, fists

(Newser) - A Kansas lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow teachers, caregivers, and parents to spank children hard enough to leave marks. Current Kansas law allows spanking that doesn't leave marks. Rep. Gail Finney, a Democrat from Wichita, says she wants to allow up to 10 strikes of the... More »

UK Children's Official: Ban All Parental Smacks

Maggie Atkinson says it's strange that pets get stronger protection

(Newser) - Britain's official in charge of children's welfare may have just launched a national debate on the nanny state. Maggie Atkinson tells the Independent that she thinks parents should face criminal punishment for even mild smacks of their kids. The quote roiling up the British press:
  • “Personally, having
... More »

Foster Mom Jailed for Spanking Kid With Spoon

Will be sentenced to 100 days behind bars

(Newser) - A wooden-spoon spanking is landing a Connecticut foster mom in jail for third-degree assault. Jami Littlefield, 51, will be sentenced to 100 days in prison and two years' probation after she pleaded guilty to hitting a 4-year-old girl with the utensil, the Day reports. The child was "acting out,... More »

Spanking Can Hurt Future Mental Health

Kids should never face corporal punishment: researcher

(Newser) - Your adult woes really could be mom and dad's fault, assuming they spanked you. A new study points to a "significant link" between corporal punishment of children and a higher risk of adult mental health issues. In a review of government data on 35,000 adults, the study... More »

YouTube Video: 'Dad' Spanks Boyfriend for Statutory Rape

'That's what Chelsea got,' the attacker says

(Newser) - An apparent act of vigilante justice is going viral on YouTube and sparking a debate over the proper punishment for statutory rape, Huffington Post reports. In the video, a supposed dad spanks the adult boyfriend of his young daughter for having had sex with her. "You got lucky, James,... More »

Plenty of Schools Still Rely on Spanking

Paddling is especially popular in northern Florida

(Newser) - Think spanking in school is extinct? Think again. Nineteen states legally permit teachers and principals in public schools to spank a child, reports NPR . In Florida, for instance, more than 3,600 kids were spanked in 2010, usually with a wooden or fiberglass paddle, and usually in a rural district... More »

Preacher's Spanking Book Linked to 3 Child Deaths

Tenn. minister Michael Pearl urges using a switch on babies

(Newser) - The deaths of three children have been linked to parents who reportedly own a popular but controversial spanking book by a Tennessee preacher. The book, To Train Up a Child, by Michael Pearl of the No Greater Joy Ministry, promotes using a switch on babies as young as 6 months... More »

Judge Admonishes Mom for Spanking Daughter

She gets five years' probation, must attend classes

(Newser) - A mother in Texas who got arrested after spanking her toddler received five years' probation and a stern lecture from the judge this week, reports KZTV . "You don't spank children today," District Court Judge Jose Longoria told Rosalina Gonzales. "In the old days, maybe we got... More »

Why I Still 'Smack' My 12-Year-Old Daughter

Mom Janelle Harris says she'll only stop when it's not effective

(Newser) - Janelle Harris's daughter is 12 years old, as tall as her mom, and old enough to borrow her clothes, shoes, and make-up. "But she’ll never be too big and bad to get smacked," Harris writes on The Stir . "I have to remind Miss Preteen Thang... More »

Birthday Spankings Land School Principal in Hot Water

Principal gave students a 'pat on the backside' for each year

(Newser) - For students at an Iowa elementary school, birthdays mean hearing your name during announcements, getting a new pencil and calculator, and … being called to the principal’s office for a birthday "whammy." What's that? A light spanking from Principal Terry Eisenbarth with a padded hockey stick,... More »

Serial Spanker Faces Charges

Henry Allen Fitzsimmons offered 'scholarships' to needy young women

(Newser) - Virginia businessman Henry Allen Fitzsimmons offered a deal to single mothers, recovering drug addicts, and other young women needing help: He'd give them an allowance, a home, and promised to pay for their college education—if they'd agree to be spanked if they broke his rules, like failing... More »

Postpartum Blues Hit Dads, Too

And those fathers are more likely to spank their young kids: study

(Newser) - New moms aren’t the only ones who may end up battling depression: Dads can face a similar problem, and those who do are more likely to spank their 1-year-olds, a study finds. Some 40% of depressed fathers reported spanking kids that age, while only 13% of dads who weren’... More »

Spanking Makes Kids Aggressive

Docs recommend time-outs rather than corporal punishment

(Newser) - Spanking an unruly child may make a parent feel better in the moment, but the effects on the spank-ee are negative and long-lasting, new research shows. Tulane University scientists looked at 2,500 3-year-olds, waited 2 years, and controlled for other factors that might have influenced their behavior. "The... More »

Spanked Kids Have Lower IQs

Offspring of hands-off parents test better: scientists

(Newser) - American children whose parents use spanking for discipline have lower IQs than those who aren't spanked, a new study finds. Researchers assessed about 800 2- to 4-year-olds and 700 5- to 9-year-olds and revisited them 4 years later, reporting a dropoff of up to 5 IQ points in kids whose... More »

Kate Defends Spanking Daughter

Mom under fire in latest brouhaha to hit Jon & Kate Plus 8

(Newser) - In the latest brouhaha to hit Jon & Kate Plus 8, the brood's beleaguered mom is defending her controversial spanking of daughter Leah that was captured by paparazzi. The series of still shots show Kate Gosselin jerking the arm of the 5-year-old, reaching around Leah's backside, and finally, Leah clutching... More »

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