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Issa Wants 2-Year Ban on All Internet Laws

Also, 'Do Not Track' initiative hits roadblocks

(Newser) - Rep. Darrell Issa is proposing a bill that would "create a two-year moratorium on any new laws, rules, or regulations governing the Internet," reports CNN . It's been met with some controversy from fellow politicians and the public alike. The bill could block regulations that protect consumer privacy,... More »

Feds Seize Websites Hawking Knockoffs

Dozens of sites linked to counterfeit goods being shut down

(Newser) - If you've been looking for bargains online the last few days, you may have come across a message instead from your friendly Homeland Security Department: "This website has been seized ..." The feds have been shutting down dozens of sites that appeared to be selling knockoffs of items such... More »

Chinese Police Bust Hacker-Training Business

Cops accuse website of recruiting thousands of students

(Newser) - Police in central China say they have shut down a hacker-training operation that openly recruited thousands of members online and provided them with cyberattack lessons and malicious software. Police in Hubei province arrested three people suspected of running the hacker site known as the Black Hawk Safety Net, which disseminated... More »

Swindlers Are Trying to Tweet You

Scamsters use site to get rich from phony cash-for-tweets schemes

(Newser) - The world's lowlifes are taking full advantage of Twitter's high profile, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Better Business Bureau warns that there has been a surge in scamsters luring people into phony work-from-home schemes. They urge users to be extremely wary of any "cash-for-tweets" scheme offering easy... More »

McCartney's Web Site Hacked

Malware allowed hacker access to fans' computer data

(Newser) - Paul McCartney's official web site was infected with malware that allowed hackers to access computer data of fans who logged on, reports the Telegraph. An internet security surveillance firm spotted the LuckySpoilt invasion early this week and purged the site. It's unclear how many users may have been affected. Hits... More »

Computer Virus Targets Gullible Lovebirds

Clicking on heart images in email could turn your machine into spambot

(Newser) - A Valentine-themed spam campaign is underway, with a side dish of coercion and extortion, Computer Weekly reports. Users receive an email, ostensibly from a secret admirer, with a link to a website that downloads a bot called Waledec. Not only does Waledec co-opt the user’s address list and start... More »

Blogger Arrested in GN'R Leak

27-year-old reportedly admitted to posting 9 songs

(Newser) - FBI agents arrested a blogger suspected of posting songs from the unreleased Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy on his website; the 27-year-old appeared in court yesterday, where bail was set at $10,000. Kevin Cogill, who reportedly admitted to streaming nine songs on his website in June, was charged... More »

MySpace Bully's Case Sets Risky Course: Experts

Site's obscure contract, which most ignore, is key to the case

(Newser) - A criminal indictment over MySpace bullying that led to a Missouri teen's suicide sets an unusual and perhaps dangerous legal precedent, experts say. Because her activities violated the site’s terms of use, Lori Drew faces charges of computer fraud and abuse related to the death of Megan Meier, Wired... More »

Global Action Urged on Kid Abuse Sites

Watchdog calls for international body to wipe out 3,000 sites

(Newser) - Britain's Internet Watch Foundation is calling for the creation of an international body to help stamp out internet sites profiting from images of child sex abuse, the BBC reports. There are nearly 3,000 such sites worldwide, a number that has stayed constant over the last three years as sites... More »

Do We Need A New, Safer Internet?

Patrick Dempsey thinks so, but Ars Technica says no

(Newser) - Online debate exploded after former FBI agent Patrick Dempsey said Wednesday that a second, safer Internet is needed. "The same positives that the Internet provides for information sharing, also create negatives in terms of ‘bringing to task' those that wish to use the Internet for illicit purposes,"... More »

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