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HuffPo Blogger Unmasked as Fake Rothschild

'Stefan de Rothschild' is really Brit hoaxer Monty Roberts

(Newser) - Huffington Post editors were thrilled to find blogger Stefan de Rothschild, a wealthy heir whose $2.5 million donation to Haiti made national news. The only problem? None of it was true. Stefan "Monty" Roberts of Britain was unmasked by a group of flinty-eyed Wikipedia editors who noticed his... More »

Men Admit Bigfoot Hoax

(Newser) - Bigfoot hunters will just have to keep looking. Two Georgia men’s story about finding Sasquatch has—surprise!—turned out to be a hoax, Cox News Service reports. Their ruse fell apart when a block of ice containing the “body” melted—leaving behind a rubber monkey suit. The... More »

Ga. Men Claim to Have Found Bigfoot

Body, photos, DNA among 'proof' to be presented tomorrow

(Newser) - Two Georgia men claim to have found a Bigfoot, and say they'll release evidence tomorrow at a press conference, LiveScience reports. Whether they'll display the alleged carcass or simply photographs is unknown, but a well-known Bigfoot hoaxer speaking on their behalf said the body will be studied in a secure,... More »

No Hoax Here: Prankster's Bio One to Watch

Abel Raises Cain chronicles 'America's greatest living hoaxer'

(Newser) - Satirist Alan Abel has spent decades laughing at Americans who fell for hoaxes such as his "euthanasia cruises" and a school for training beggars. Abel Raises Cain, a documentary made by his daughter now out on DVD, is a "hysterical look at a gifted comic," even if... More »

4 Stories