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Iraqi Military: Forces Are 'Coming to Liberate You'

Country prepares for a 'final offensive' against ISIS

(Newser) - The Iraqi military says it's preparing a final offensive to push ISIS out of the last scrap of territory it still holds in the country. Joint Operations Command in Baghdad says the air force dropped flyers reading "Your security forces are now coming to liberate you" over ISIS-held... More »

Before Libya Attack, Major Confusion Over Security

Chris Stevens sent cable on day he died

(Newser) - Slain Ambassador Chris Stevens , local security forces, and the State Department were all at odds over security in the weeks leading up to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, according to an interview with a security commander and a cable sent from Stevens himself on the day he... More »

Yemen Forces Fire at Protesters

Dozens injured as hundreds of thousands take to Sanaa streets

(Newser) - Yemen security forces unleashed gunfire and tear gas on protesters yesterday in Sanaa, where hundreds of thousands had gathered, the BBC reports. At least 30 were reported wounded in the capital. “We neared the Sanaa Trade Centre when police confronted us with tear gas, and suddenly opened heavy gunfire... More »

Security Comes to Fallujah With Saddam-Like Iron Fist

US hails progress, but top cop relies on brutal tactics, says democracy not for Iraq

(Newser) - Fallujah, a hotbed of violence that has shown signs of stability, is trumpeted by the US as a success story of the Iraq war effort. But the security achieved there, largely the work of Faial Ismail al-Zobaie, the city’s police chief and a former insurgent, is the result of... More »

China Admits Police Shot Tibetan Protesters

State's claim of 13 dead, 4 wounded at odds with exiles' estimate of 99 killed

(Newser) - China admitted today its police opened fire on Tibetan protesters, wounding four in “self-defense,” the BBC reports. The statement from state-run Xinhua news agency is China’s first admission to hurting anyone since protests began last week. Chinese officials say rioters have killed 13; Tibetan activists reported security... More »

35 Dead in Suicide Bombing at Pakistan Funeral

Service for police superintendent targeted

(Newser) - At least 35 people were killed and at least 60 injured today when a suicide bomber struck a funeral in northwest Pakistan' near the border with Afghanistan, the AP reports. The funeral in the Swat Valley drew 800 mourners for a police official killed today by a roadside bomb in... More »

6 Stories