West Indies

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Today's Luxe Vacation Home: Less Palace, More Shack

The rich are shelling out less for beachfront escapes

(Newser) - Steve Schram has an unusual slogan for the new beachfront island getaways he’s building: “Affordable housing for the affluent.” Schram is selling pint-sized homes on Turks and Ciacos in the West Indies for as little as $1.4 million—or 44% less than the previous cheapest property... More »

Are Black Immigrants Black?

Debra Dickerson on the divide between 'native' and 'immigrant' blacks

(Newser) - The notion that a black American must be a “descendant of West African slaves brought here to labor for whites against their will” just reinforces the “invisibility that black immigrants face in America,” Debra Dickerson writes in Mother Jones. But she can’t escape it herself, she... More »

2 Stories