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FBI Links Ricin to Letters' Suspect

Investigators find traces at former business of James Everett Dutschke

(Newser) - The case against the new ricin suspect is looking a lot stronger than the one against the old suspect . An FBI affidavit says investigators found traces of ricin at the martial arts studio once owned by James Everett Dutschke, along with traces on a dust mask tossed in a nearby... More »

Las Vegas Ricin Man Pleads Guilty

Loner fantasized about harming people

(Newser) - A man who almost died from exposure to his own ricin, one of the deadliest toxins known, has pleaded guilty to possession of the poison, reports the Los Angeles Times. The unemployed graphic designer, 57, was found suffering from poisoning in February, and investigators discovered he had been making the... More »

Firearms, Anarchist Book Found With Ricin

Man in critical condition; others test negative for deadly poison

(Newser) - The authorities who discovered ricin in a Las Vegas hotel room also recovered firearms and an “anarchist-type textbook” with an earmarked entry about the lethal toxin, CNN reports. The 57-year-old man whose room contained the poison remains hospitalized in critical condition and unable to speak with investigators, but seven... More »

3 Stories