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This Major University Wants to Wipe Out the SATs

University of Chicago has become the first major school to nix testing requirements

(Newser) - The University of Chicago is becoming the first major US research university to stop requiring American undergraduate applicants to submit ACT or SAT scores, reports the AP . The decision that school officials say is designed to help even the playing field for students from low-income or underrepresented communities has been... More »

University Donors Want $100M Gift Returned

Suit claims U of Chicago hasn't followed 2015 agreement

(Newser) - A $100 million donation to the University of Chicago, meant to fund research on global conflict resolution, is now at the center of a conflict itself. With a lawsuit filed late last month, the Pearson Family Members Foundation aims to reclaim what would be the third-largest donation in the university'... More »

University Sued for Creating 'Hostile Environment for Men'

Student claims he was treated unfairly after being accused of sexual assault

(Newser) - In a lawsuit seeking more than $175,000 in damages, a male student claims the University of Chicago has an "anti-male gender bias" and "routinely portrays a large portion of their male students as sexual predators." The New York Daily News reports the student, named only as... More »

Top College to Freshmen: Don't Expect Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings

University of Chicago letter to students says school supports academic freedom

(Newser) - The controversial concept of "safe spaces" on college campuses—a place where members of a marginalized group can feel secure and able to express themselves—has grabbed the media's attention over the last year, spurred by such high-profile cases as the racial strife at the University of Missouri... More »

Bernie Sanders' Arrest at Civil Rights Protest Caught on Film

He was a 21-year-old University of Chicago student at the time

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders was arrested. Well, he was arrested 53 years ago, anyway. The Chicago Tribune discovered photographic evidence of Sanders' involvement in the fight for racial equality this week in the form of a negative from its archives showing a bespectacled Sanders being hauled away by police during a 1963... More »

Feds: U of Chicago Threat Linked to Laquan Shooting

Suspect in custody allegedly vowed to execute 16 white males

(Newser) - Federal authorities say an online threat that led the University of Chicago to cancel classes Monday targeted whites and was motivated by the police shooting of a black teenager. Jabari R. Dean, 21, of Chicago threatened to kill 16 white male students or staff at the school on Chicago's... More »

U of Chicago Cancels Classes After Threat

Faculty, students told to avoid campus

(Newser) - The University of Chicago canceled all classes and activities scheduled for Monday on its main campus following an online threat of gun violence passed on by the FBI. The university said in a statement Sunday night that an online threat from an unknown person mentioned the campus quad, a popular... More »

Obama on Chicago Library Pick: It's Where I 'Became a Man'

Site will indeed be on the city's South Side

(Newser) - It's Chicago, as expected : President Obama has decided to build his presidential library on the South Side of the city, where his political career began. The Barack Obama Foundation announced early today that the library would be erected on park land that was proposed for the site by the... More »

'Giant of Economics' Gary Becker Dies

Nobel-winner used economics to address social issues

(Newser) - Gary Becker, widely considered one of the 20th century's most important economists for his work using economics to address social issues, has died at the age of 83. The University of Chicago professor, who won the 1992 Nobel in economics, used what he called "economic analysis" for insight... More »

Dead UChicago Student Lay Unnoticed in Dorm for Days

20-year-old could have been there for 8 days

(Newser) - Staff and students at the University of Chicago have been horrified to learn that a student lay dead in his dorm room for an unknown amount of time until the smell of decomposition was noticed. It's not clear when 20-year-old Nicholas Barnes died, but before his body was found,... More »

Ancient Beer Painstakingly Recreated ... and It Stinks

Great Lakes Brewing Company teams up with archaeologists

(Newser) - Brewing collaborations are not unusual in the world of craft beer. Micro-brewers often team up with other brewers, food producers ... sometimes even TV shows . But a small number of brewers have also been hooking up with archaeologists to recreate long-forgotten booze recipes. Most recently, Great Lakes Brewing Company in Ohio... More »

The Schools Most Likely to Produce Rich People

US dominates the list

(Newser) - Most of the world's richest people have something in common: They went to school in the US. Wealth-X has compiled a report on which universities worldwide boast the most "ultra high net worth" alumni—defined here as those with $30 million or more—and US universities dominate the... More »

UChicago's Indiana Jones Mystery Solved

Journal was en route to Italy from Guam

(Newser) - The University of Chicago has cracked its Indiana Jones mystery —and it involves an international route that wouldn't have been out of place in a Jones movie. The copy of Jones mentor Abner Ravenwood's journal that turned up in a weatherbeaten envelope was the misplaced creation of... More »

Indiana Jones Journal Stumps UChicago

Is it a clue in a game, or something else entirely?

(Newser) - Call this one Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Higher Learning: The latest Jones-themed mystery is taking place not on the silver screen but in the University of Chicago's mail room. Its admissions office's Tumblr explains that late last week a package addressed to "Henry Walton Jones,... More »

To Win Students, UChicago Quotes ... 'Call Me Maybe'

Letter to potential applicants: 'We just met you, and this is crazy...'

(Newser) - The University of Chicago is better known for its academics than its Top 40 literacy, but this year, it's using a chart-topper to reach out to interested students. A letter to potential applicants reads: "I know that we just met you—and this is crazy—but here are... More »

Nerdiest US Colleges

MIT, CIT lead the way

(Newser) - While some colleges are known for their sports teams or ability to party, others make time to observe Pi Day (3/14, of course), run scientific studies on campus graffiti, design campus-wide (literally) Rube Goldberg machines, and pump up their students by playing Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries during finals... More »

UChicago Kids Fight Nerdy Image With Casual Sex Site

Site tries to fight perception of social ineptitude

(Newser) - The University of Chicago may be known as a bastion of sexless nerd-dom, but some undergrads are changing that with UChicago Hookups , a website that allows students to meet up for, well, whatever they might have in mind. Entries read more or less like the casual-encounters section of Craigslist: people... More »

Chicago, Honolulu Battle to Host Obama Library

White House hasn't given it 'a second' of thought

(Newser) - President Obama is far more concerned about a second term than his legacy—but two cities are duking it out to host his presidential library, Politico reports. Four groups at the University of Hawaii, in the state where Obama was born, are already hard at work on the matter, hoping... More »

Whiny Law Prof Quits Blogging After Lament for Rich People

'Super rich' Todd Henderson complained about taxes

(Newser) - Todd Henderson has quit blogging—just a bit too late to avoid a stint as an internet punching bag. "I was a fool," he writes for Truth on the Market . "I wish I had just stuck to blogging about corporate law and such, but I couldn’t... More »

Playboy's No. 1 Fan? This 44-Year-Old Chicago Woman

Peggy Wilkins moderates fan list, and even has Hef's ear

(Newser) - One might think Playboy’s biggest fan is a teen boy getting his first forbidden glimpse—but in reality, it’s a 44-year-old Chicago woman who’s bought every issue for the past 30 years, and keeps a spare apartment just to house the collection. And Peggy Wilkins is proud... More »

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