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Meet the GOP's 2016 Nominee

Why Joe Scarborough is the perfect man for the job

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough insists he’s not running for president. He says he’s perfectly happy as MSNBC’s morning host, where, he argues, he has more influence than your average senator. But there’s a “studio apartment industry of conservatives” who think Scarborough is the man Republicans will need... More »

Judge People By Fave Author

Misfits like JD Salinger, smart geeks like JK Rowling ...

(Newser) - If you don’t want to waste the time really getting to know someone, just ask about his or her favorite author. That tells you all you need to know, Lauren Leto suggests, before running down the stereotypes:
  • JD Salinger: Kids who don’t fit in (duh).
  • Stephenie Meyer: People
... More »

Kindle to Sell Short Stories for $3.99

E-reader teams up with Atlantic editors on new project

(Newser) - The Kindle will begin selling short stories next week picked and edited by The Atlantic magazine. Amazon's e-reader will offer two a month for $3.99 each, with the first two appearing Monday from Christopher Buckley and Irish writer Edna O'Brien. The latter writes her fiction in longhand and had... More »

Buckley Won't Paint Parents as Saints

In memoir, William, Pat 'not Ozzie and Harriet,' Christopher says

(Newser) - Christopher Buckley is spilling the beans about his late parents in a frank memoir due in May, he tells Vanity Fair. “This book is going to land hard in some quarters,” he says. “They were not your typical mom and dad. This is not Ozzie and Harriet.... More »

Campaign Arrows Puncture Righty Mag's Lofty Rep

Still, National Review looks forward to having Dems in power after tumultuous year

(Newser) - The nasty tone of the presidential campaign dealt a blow to the National Review, considered the print home for conservative intellectuals and a standard-bearer for genteel debate, the New York Times reports. The death of founder William F. Buckley was followed by the ouster of his son Christopher following his... More »

Buckley: Hands Off Dad's Torch, Rush

Son of great conservative thinks Limbaugh's a bit de trop

(Newser) - Christopher Buckley, having been savaged by Rush Limbaugh for endorsing Barack Obama, fires back at the talk-show host for daring to think he can assume the conservative mantle of his father, the late William F. Buckley Jr. Writing in the Daily Beast, Buckley brandishes French, that tool of the “... More »

Conservative Sees Future in Palin

Movement needs 'plain spoken' leader like VP candidate, not 'over-delicate' Noonans

(Newser) - Conservative commentators who shamelessly jump on the Barack Obama bandwagon are blinkered to the new face of conservatism, Tony Blankley writes in the Washington Times. Just like “me-too” Republicans of the New Deal era, “they all cast their admiration for Mr. Obama in contrast to Sarah Palin—who... More »

Sorry, Fellow Conservatives, Palin Doesn't Cut It: Noonan

Noonan: VP choice bad for the right and the country

(Newser) - For seven weeks, Peggy Noonan has really, really tried to find Sarah Palin worthy of the role she's running for. She's scrutinized every appearance for signs the Alaska governor could turn out to be the next Harry Truman. Unfortunately, she writes in the Wall Street Journal, "there is little... More »

Chris Buckley on the Outs With Dad's Mag

National Review drops column after Obama endorsement

(Newser) - Things have gotten a little ugly between Christopher Buckley and the movement his dad pretty much founded, reports Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post. The son of legendary William F. Buckley, godfather of modern conservatism and founder of the National Review, wrote a back-page column for that magazine until last... More »

Buckley Leaves Conservatism Up the Creek

No clear inheritor to his thoughtful movement, says Newsweek writer

(Newser) - William F. Buckley may have been the architect of the modern conservative movement, but what will it do without him? Evan Thomas even wonders, in Newsweek, if what he created still exists at all. Buckley was “a man who could spar intensely with the late liberal icons…and then... More »

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