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It's a Bird! No, It's Putin's Latest Crazy Gambit

Pooty-poot escorts endangered cranes ... dressed like a bird

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin hasn't proven to be the biggest hit with Russians of late, so what's a hockey star / fake archaeologist / shirtless horseman / whale hunter / virgin lover to do? Most politicians might kiss a baby, but Putin opted for the logical alternative: The Russian president... More »

Putin: Jack Protester Fines to Hulking $9.5K

Measure could become law next week

(Newser) - Basking in his re-election glow, Vladimir Putin yesterday backed a move to jack up the fine for illegal protesting—to a hefty $9,500, reports the New York Times . Despite furious opposition, the measure could become law as early as next week. "We must protect people from extreme radical... More »

Today's Shocker: Medvedev Approved as Russia PM

Job swap with Putin now complete

(Newser) - Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin completed their long-anticipated job swap today, with Russia’s parliament approving Medvedev as prime minister, as had been expected. Medvedev, who received a 299-144 vote, will serve under Putin, who was inaugurated for his third term as president yesterday and quickly nominated Medvedev as PM. More »

Russia Busts Opposition Leaders

On eve of Putin's inauguration

(Newser) - Police in Moscow have arrested top opposition figures along with demonstrators after a protest march on the eve of Vladimir Putin's inauguration as president tried to reach the Kremlin. The march by about 20,000 people to an island adjacent to the Kremlin proceeded peacefully this afternoon until a... More »

In Chechnya, 107% Turnout —for Putin

Obvious ballot-stuffing spotted in region

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin may have engaged in a brutal crackdown on Chechnya over the last, say, decade-plus, but it appears to have done wonders for his popularity, as evidenced by his extraordinary results there in Sunday's elections. A little too extraordinary, reports the New York Times: Putin garnered 1,482... More »

12K Cops Ready Selves for Moscow Protests

As watchdogs call Putin's win 'clearly skewed'

(Newser) - Talk of fraud has already tarnished Vladimir Putin's victory in the Russian presidential election; now an international watchdog group says his win, with 63% of the vote, was "clearly skewed," the BBC reports. "The point of elections is that the outcome should be uncertain," says... More »

Putin Declares Victory

Exit polls give him about 60% of vote

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin declared victory in today's presidential elections after preliminary results and exit polls gave him about 60% of the vote, the BBC reports. "I promised you we would win, and we won," he said, eyes brimming with tears before supporters in central Moscow. "Glory to... More »

Russians March on Kremlin to Protest Putin

Rally draws tens of thousands

(Newser) - Despite brutally cold temperatures, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Moscow today, calling on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to step down from power, reports the AP . Protesters marched on the Kremlin, carrying signs that read "For Free Elections" and "Russia Without Putin." Authorities... More »

Putin Officially Running for Prez

United Russia party nominates him to run in March elections

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin has decided that he'd like to be Russia's top dog again, so his United Russia party today obliged him by formally nominating him to run for president in March's elections. Pooty-poot, who has relegated himself to the No. 2 prime minister job since 2008, has... More »

Tyrant Putin's Return Bad News

He's made Russian elections a farce

(Newser) - The editors of the Washington Post congratulated Vladimir Putin today “on his exciting, come-from-behind victory to become Russia’s next president ,” won after a brilliant and moving electoral campaign. “Oh, no, wait. That’s not how things work in Russia today. Actually, the story is simpler: Vladimir... More »

Putin Eyes Return to Russian Presidency

Prime minister says he and Medvedev will decide who gets to run in 2012

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin hinted yesterday that current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is just keeping his seat warm for him until he can return to his old job in 2012, the Financial Times reports. The prime minister—barred by the constitution from seeking a third consecutive term as president last year—said... More »

US vs. Russia: Who's Won Summits Past?

(Newser) - As Barack Obama arrives in Moscow for his toughest diplomatic challenge since taking office, the Guardian looks back on earlier US-Russia showdowns to gauge who had the upper hand.
  • Kennedy vs. Khrushchev, 1961: The ultimate cold war summit, shadowed by the space race and the Berlin Wall. A draw, although
... More »

Putin Hints at 2012 Comeback

Russian PM says he may succeed Medvedev in 2012

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin dropped his strongest hint yet last night that he may seek to return to his country's top job in 2012. In an interview with Japanese media, Russia's president-turned-PM said there was no decision yet on whether he or Dmitry Medvedev would run for president at the end of... More »

Newly Assertive Medvedev Takes Swipe at Putin

Russian president, once seen as a puppet, castigates his mentor

(Newser) - Dmitry Medvedev publicly rebuked the government of Vladimir Putin yesterday for its handling of the country's severe economic crisis, in yet another sign that the Russian president is becoming increasingly independent. At a factory outside Moscow, Medvedev said the rescue was moving "more slowly than the current situation demands.... More »

Medvedev, Putin Move to Tighten Grip on Russia

Extending president's term would lock in power for a generation

(Newser) - Dmitry Medvedev's proposal yesterday to extend the Russian president's term from 4 years to 6 looks like another step in Russia's "alarming and rapid drift towards authoritarianism," the Guardian reports. The move came as a Russian newspaper, citing sources in the Kremlin, claimed that Medvedev could resign as... More »

Putin Slides Easily to PM Slot

Unsurprising vote keeps Russia's power in hands of former president

(Newser) - After 26 hours out of office, Vladimir Putin was confirmed today as Russia's prime minister, the New York Times reports. Receiving 392 of 410 votes from the lower house of Russia’s parliament, the former president took the stage for a long speech on his plans for the nation—confirming... More »

New Russian Prez Digs Hard Rock, Putin

In Medvedev, quirky résumé masks loyal junior partner

(Newser) - Trivia on Russian president-elect Dmitry Medvedev—that he is a swimmer, a yoga lover, and Deep Purple buff—merely masks a man wholly devoted to Vladimir Putin, New Yorker editor David Remnick writes. "Trivia domesticated even the worst Soviet-era résumés," he reminds us: Catherine the Great... More »

Medvedev Wins in a Landslide

Putin pupil has asked current prez to be PM

(Newser) - On par with expectations, Dmitry Medvedev has won Russia’s presidential election with 69.6% of the vote, an exit poll says. His closest rival took just 17.2%. The victory likely means little change for Russia, as Medvedev has asked current president Vladimir Putin to be his prime minister... More »

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