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Yemen President Hurt in Rocket Strike

Meanwhile, government shelling increases

(Newser) - Yemen's president was lightly injured and four top officials wounded when opposition tribesmen struck his palace with rockets, according to a government official. It was the first time that tribesmen have targeted President Ali Abdullah Saleh's palace in nearly two weeks of heavy fighting with government troops in... More »

Israel Hit by Rockets Fired From Lebanon

Attack raises fear that Gaza conflict will widen to second front

(Newser) - At least three rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel today, raising fears that the Gaza conflict is widening, reports the International Herald Tribune. Israeli authorities say the rockets, which they presume were fired by Hezbollah in support of Hamas, landed near the town of Nahariya and injured two Israelis.... More »

Afghan Prez Escapes Assassination Attempt

Taliban boasts attack proves group's power

(Newser) - One person was killed and 11 wounded in a Taliban attack this morning in Kabul aimed at assassinating Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The president escaped the rockets and gunfire unhurt. The attack occurred as Karzai, government ministers, foreign diplomats, and military top brass gathered for the 16th anniversary of the... More »

Israel Pulls Out of Gaza on Eve of Rice Visit

Two-day 'interval' during Rice's Mideast visit

(Newser) - Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip today after five days of fighting that left over 100 Palestinians dead. Hamas is exulting over its "victory" over the "army of Jews," but Israeli leaders say the operation has served its deterrent purpose. A "two-day interval" is... More »

4 Stories