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How a Simple Letter Cut Student Borrowing by $31M

'Know before you owe' policy works for Indiana University

(Newser) - With US student debt at a staggering $1.2 trillion—including an average $30K each for member of the class of 2012 —Indiana University has set an example a lot of places could learn from. The seven-campus system managed to slash student debt by far more than the national... More »

At 265 Colleges, Loan Default More Likely Than Graduation

Plus: Stafford loan interest rates double

(Newser) - Bad news if you're planning to attend Texas College in the fall: You've got a 38.2% chance of defaulting on your student loans ... and just a 12% chance of graduating. USA Today found 265 colleges and universities across 40 states where the loan default rate is higher... More »

Student Loan Rate Hike Is Overhyped

Congress is screwing college students in much bigger ways

(Newser) - Congress is up in arms over how to keep rates on Stafford student loans from doubling in July, but Mark Kantrowitz and Lynn Shaughgnessy have a question: Who cares? "The partisan posturing is a distraction from far more pressing issues that face students," the college experts write in... More »

Credit Crunch Squeezes Student Loans

As private funds dry up, families look to feds to pay for college tuition

(Newser) - The slump in the credit markets has shrunk capital available to brokers of student loans, complicating the already-difficult task of financing a college education. The Boston Globe relates the story of one Massachusetts family, the Ferragutos, who received word this year from the state’s education finance agency informing them... More »

Credit Crunch Ups Price of College Loans

Federal, private lenders will raise rates, increase rejections

(Newser) - Even as college costs soar, the credit crunch is about to make student loans more expensive—and tougher to come by. Fees for federally guaranteed loans, which offer below-market rates, are expected to rise, and some states have dropped out of the program. At least a dozen private firms have... More »

5 Stories