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Pot Might Help You See in the Dark

Cannabinoid shown to improve night vision in tadpoles

(Newser) - A new study suggests that marijuana may have a strange benefit: improving night vision. Based on a pharmacologist's observation in the 1990s that Jamaican fishermen who smoked or consumed cannabis had "an uncanny ability to see in the dark," researchers at McGill University dug in. They applied... More »

Scientists Discover Screaming Tadpole

Sound saves frog larvae from being cannibalized

(Newser) - Scientists studying the calls of adult Argentine horned frogs were amazed to discover that the species' larvae also make sounds—screams even, reports the Independent . The tadpole's scream is a "brief, clear and very audible metallic-like sound," say researchers. They believe the distress calls save the tadpoles from... More »

Frogs Offer Hope to Diabetics

'Shrinking' amphibian's skin holds key to new treatment alternatives

(Newser) - A frog that lives in the Amazon secretes a substance that stimulates insulin release in humans, offering new hope to diabetics, the BBC reports. The South American shrinking frog, which grows smaller as it ages, produces pseudin-2 through its slimy skin. A synthetic version of the peptide worked even better... More »

3 Stories